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Life as a Medieval Baker

No description

Celeste Bell

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Life as a Medieval Baker

Life as a Medieval Baker
Daily Routines
First thing they do is wake up at the crack of dawn and eat a small quick breakfast. Then start baking bread. Next dinner(lunch) small if they worked in the bakery, huge if they worked in the castle. Then the day is over and they spend time with their family. And if its Sunday they go to church and worship and praise God.
In the back room of their shop, the shop was made of mud and twigs with no windows just slits in the mud to let air in.
In the castle baking for the king,queen, nobles, and knights.
Story telling
Worshiping and praising God
If they lived and worked in the castle they ate what the king sent back so fish, deer, etc.. But if they lived and worked in the bakery they ate mutton and veggies also ale or wine with every meal. In medieval times dinner and supper were the biggest meals of the day.
The women wore long wool dresses that were mostly gray or some kind of dark color with long stockings with leather shoes. The men wore tunics, trousers, and stockings the most popular color was purple.
Odd fact 1.
For the peasants they had to get tree bark bread which is as the name says its bread made of tree bark and sometimes in winter they get potatoes and put with the tree bark.
Odd fact 2.
Barley bread was a punishment in the middle ages so if the monks or anyone committed a sin or crime they had to life the rest of their lives of barley bread.
The baking peel- made of clay its a basically a big paddle so they don't burn themselves.
fire places
spit (a meat spit)
clay pots
Barley bread
Baking Peel.
Tree Bark bread
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