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Wokshop 1

No description

rachel wynter

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of Wokshop 1

Short term (one year GCSE/Pre-IB)

Agents and Fairs
Historically poor recruitment
and expensive!
Current family/pupil base

Mainly scholarships and bursary based enquiries online - quite late/early?

Solid education system “in country”

"time wasters"
Agent heavy
Few direct enquiries unless through family/friends

Trends in leaving school Year 12 for HKDSE
Increase in enquiries
Thank you for listening
To Conclude...
Mature Markets



* Increased Competition
* Market forces not in line with school makeup
High volumes of enquiries
More serious enquiries coming through
Predominantly direct now but some still coming via Agents
Strong Religious Interest

Mainly agents and Fairs
Increase in number of agents

Increase in number of events
(Sue Anderson and ISS)
Pockets of interest
Signs of Growth
Predominantly Boys
Historically big Summer School enquiries
"Local" Russians:
Dramatic increase in enquiries
through consultancy - short term initially
Relatively low volumes
*Growth area!!!
Early Signs?
Competition outside the UK: USA, AUS, CAN, NZ
Competition outside the UK:
Security K&R
Predominantly girls
Mature Market
Stability issues
High percentage of schools have looked at this market in the last 5 years with mixed results
Word of mouth/herd mentality
Some Agents and Fairs
USA preference
Higher Education preference
ISC Census Spain

ISC Census Mexico: not included in census as a country is included under central & South America?

ISC Census France:
of overall non-British
with parents living overseas

New non-British - 179 (-30)
Total pupils - 433 (+6)

ISC Census India:
of overall non-British
with parents living overseas

New non-British - 84 (+13)
Total pupils - 209 (+58)

Issues in the region "wild west"
*ISC Census Ukraine: not included on it's own but as remainder of Europe non-EEA - 412 (-43)

ISC Census: Central Asia

New non-British - 132 (-158)
Total pupils - 300 (-153)

ISC Census: USA
1.0% of overall non-British
with parents living overseas

New non-British - 116 (-7)
Total pupils - 282 (-3)

ISC Census: Central & South America

New non-British - 229 (-60)
Total pupils - 369 (-46)

Big Ex pat

ISC Census Hong Kong:
New non-British = 1,582 (-101)
Total pupils = 4,731(-54)
ISC Census China:
New non-British: 2,936 (+43)
Total pupils = 6,662 (+979)
NO ISC data for Italy
ISC Census Russia:
New non-British = 608 (-560)
Total pupils = 1,938 (-857)

ISC Census Germany
New non-British = 1,140 (-37)
Total pupils = 1,930 (-103)
Modern Buyer
* Exhaustive Research by parents
* enquiries v registration
* Regional speeds
* better understanding of Fees, scholarships and bursaries
Enquiries: predominantly agent led

ISC Census Nigeria
New non-British - 317 (-228)
Total pupils - 1,000 (+160)
*ISC Census Middle East
New non-British - 407 (+182)
Total pupils - 740 (+345)
The changing role of:
* managing expectations
*no emotional connection
Dominic Moon
Senior Education Consultant
Metropolis Education
Metropolis Education
Boarding schools guide
in english, german spanish and russian
workshops, consultancy, market intelligence, inset days, boarding house reviews, education resource centre, strategic advice, market comments, mystery shopper,
admissions audits, overseas ambassadors
Represent 282 private schools
apps & social media
parent & agent help and advice
16,000+ prospectuses every year
50/50 UK/International
Cessation of the OEA (1996 rule)
Academically below standard
heavy emphasis on religion
Launch of new "mission" to New York (8 schools/50 families)
*Currently 4th on our enquiry list*
*Currently 12th on our enquiry list*
*Coming back after a difficult '16, '17
but still outside our top 20!
*Currently 5th on our enquiry list*
New non-British - 844 (-53)
Total pupils - 1,252 (-15)
*Currently 3rd on our enquiry list*
*`Top 10*
*Currently 7th on our enquiry list*
not a single enquiry in last 12 months
UAE 11th and Saudi Arabia 12th
*dramatic fall in enquiries since Jan'16*
*Currently 8th in our enquiry list*
*Currently 9th on our enquiry list*
*low performing on our enquiry list*
*Number 2 on our enquiry list*

Agent quality
Mainly via agents
No quality agency fairs
Dynamic pricing?
"110% scholarships"
Published fees?
Price conditioning
Ampleforth, stonyhurst et al
Fledgling market so usual difficulty in getting a foothold...
..and influencing the market
- anticipating the ebb and flow
*Note - highest interent users - Britney from California "T "for Trouble
"US university preference"
Threat from US boarding
One to watch
UK increasingly preferred by parents and children to that in France
day fees/boarding fees?
up from 7th in 2017
greats signs of recovery - 6th
short term enquiries -
1/2 term to 2 years
*Future proofing
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