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IntelligencePlus Presentation II

No description

Sakina Taher

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of IntelligencePlus Presentation II

Empowering Citizens with
Transformational Education!

Aren't these all the qualities we want our people to have?
Nurturing next-gen
Leaders,Innovators and Thinkers
with essential
Life and Success skills
that go
beyond academics!
Our Mission:
It is our mission to build a
young generation who are
multi-skilled, confident and value-driven in order to be
'the significant citizens of the future'
Our Aim:
"Intelligence plus character -
that is the goal of true education."
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
To provide holistic growth training to citizens so that they can excel in life.
One of it's kind and
India's foremost
Multiple Intelligence and Enhanced Learning
program for people
Brain Development &
Problem Solving Module

Brain Gym and Whole Brain Development
Working Memory
Cognitive Development
Memory Training Techniques
Preferred Learning Styles-VAK
Problem Solving Techniques
Improving Concentration, Focus and Attention
Logical & Analytical Thinking
Innovative Thinking
1. Thinking Skills
2. Brain Development & Problem Solving
3. Interpersonal
4. Creativity & Innovation
5. Communication Skills
6. Intrapersonal Skills
"IntelligencePlus is an institute which introduced me to a fun method of learning. Here we learned different morals of life by playing several types of games. It is an institute where we do not have to do any homework as we do in tuition. We never like to miss this program"- Abhishek Jain

Whole Brain Development
Brain Development
is based on Multiple Intelliegence
Proposed by Howard Gardener,
a Professor at Harvard University
Preferred Learning Style
Memory Training
Problem Solving:
Grow Model
Method of Loci
Number Tags
Lateral thinking
Higher order thinking
Thinking Routines
Logical Reasoning
Analytical Thinking
Innovative Imagination
Situational Intelligence
SWOT Technique
6 Thinking Hats - Decision Making Strategy
Interdependent Thinking
Root Cause Analysis
Planning a Process - Think Through

Lower Order and Higher Order Thinking
-Bloom's Taxonomy
Decision Making Strategy
Thinking Routines
SWOT Analysis
Interpersonal Skills
Best Practices Incorporated
Experience Based Learning Approach
Making Learning Visible (MLV)
Human-Centered Design Thinking Process
Impact Assessment

We cannot prepare the future for our people ;
but we can prepare them for the future...

...that is what a country of a billion people needs!
Embed Learning into Real Life!
- Life and Success Skills..
..eliminate ignorance
...eliminate helplessness
...eliminate dependance and discrimination
See the change
Be the change
Lead the change
Best Practice developed at Harvard University
Make Thinking Visible!
Edward De Bono- Lateral Thinking
Exploring Possibilities
Creating Alternative Solutions
Creativity and Innovation
Exploring Possibilities
Creative Thinking
Brainstorming- Idea Generation
Creative Stimulus-Games
Imagination and Visualization
Creative Connections-Metaphors
Innovation- Being resourceful
Sequencing and Proofing Ideas
Ideation to Execution
Board Game Creation
Creative writing-Newspaper Articles, Poems
Game Designing

Communication Skills
Non Verbal Communication Skills- Expressions
Body Language- Eye contact and posture
Voice Modulation
Drama based learning
Elocution/ Extempore
Presentation Skills
Public Speaking
Etiquettes and Mannerisms
Context Appropriate Communication

Intrapersonal Skills
Self-Awareness and Relfection
Self - Belief + 'I CAN' Spirit
Challenges as Opportunities-Readiness to learn
Dreams -Creating a Vision and Purpose
Goal-Setting and Tools for Action Plan
Handling Criticism and Failures
Gratitude,Appreciation and Acceptance
Love and Compassion
Emotional Intelligence
Sharing- Acceptance Vs Guilt
Honesty and Trust
Respect and Dignity
Creativity Applied to
Academics and

Stimulating Imagination to nurture
Original Ideas
Proposed Program Structure
Parent's Testimonials
Children's Testimonials
Products- Games


This program looked very interesting to me and of course the kids. Something as children that we missed out on having-an opportunity to experiment and explore more of fun oriented development activities, besides academic.

It is wonderfully arranged by young kids. Great effort !

I was amazed with the kid of presentations, the kids came up with no longer will the kids have to travel abroad for further exposure. We will produce intelligent teachers, scientists, artists….all here at Intelligence-Plus.” – Sapna Shah

Pranjal is a great Entrepreneur. Here they have quite challenging activity everyday right from inventing something new to budgeting, marketing, etc. Whatever the real life scenario they face, they have made children learn through games. IntelligencePlus is 1) Very Organised 2) With High Spirit 3) Trust Worthy and Challenging Platform. They are very well focusing on what they need to. All the Best. – Lopa Sakala.

Intelligence comes by birth but improving it comes with hard work. That’s what we have to do and IntelligencePlus helps to achieve it. - Nupur

Each module for a duration of 24 hours
Once a week for 2 hours
I like IntelligencePlus because I learn new things like mind maps and how does your left right brain work. We learned many techniques through really fun games. I love IntelligencePlus. - Aarya Kotecha

Excellent!! I Enjoyed a lot. I had lots of fun and I am very much delighted. I am so excited to join IntelligencePlus. - Arhan
Empathy- Understanding People
Art of Winning people and Nurturing Relationships
Team work- Cooperation and Collaboration
Conflict Resolution
Sense of Responsibility
Leadership- Initiative and Vision
Integrity and Leading by Example
Decision Making
Time Management Matrix
Creating Lasting Impressions
Success Principles

A 2 IN 1 Game Box that is fun and energizing way to develop and enhance creative and innovative thinking skills to strengthen group communication, dramatic and problem solving skills in children.
Hats Off!! -Think Colorful : An educative game that illustrates the need to address problems from a variety of perspective using the Lateral thinking Skills. It helps develop effective decision making and increases team co-operation

Can be customized for -
- Preferred Language
- Duration
- Methodology of training :
Resource center-Classroom based
Online- Web based
Educative Apps on Tablets and Mobiles
Presentation Skills
Public Speaking Skills
Empowering them with SELF-BELIEF
Self Analysis and Goal Setting
Working as a TEAM
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