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Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Water

Over one billion people in the world don't have safe water to drink
so that's one in every six people don't have clean water.A child dies every 15 seconds from not having access to safe drinking water. 40 billion hours are lost annually by hauling water a chore mostly done by women and girls. Half of the worlds hospital beds are occupied are by patients that have some form of water borne

Water shortage
Drying up lakes and rivers
Clean water alone can reduce water related deaths by 21 percent.
hand washing can prevent 35 percent of deaths just taking two seconds to wash your hands can save thousands of lives.

Twenty dollars can help a whole african village have a water pump so they can have clean water and not have to walk ten kilometers a day to get a bucket of water.
If theirs a drought all we need to improve on distribution that's all we need to get better at this cause if we start distributing water better no one will go thirsty ever again.
Proper sanitation alone can prevent 37.5 percent of
water related deaths.
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