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SRA 211

No description

Eric McMillan

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of SRA 211

SRA 211 -Threat of Terrorism and Crime Intelligence Counterintelligence Insurgency Counterinsurgency Terrorism Counterterrorism Intelligence Collection Management Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
Imagery Intelligence (IMINT)
Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT)
Technical Intelligence (TECHINT)
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
and and and The Airborne Reconnaissance Low (ARL) is a multifunction, day/night, all weather reconnaissance intelligence asset developed and fielded by the Army in support of an urgent requirement for a low profile intelligence aircraft. It consists of a modified DeHavilland DHC-7 fixed-wing aircraft equipped with communications intelligence (COMINT), imagery intelligence (IMINT), and Moving Target Indicator/Synthetic Aperture Radar (MTI/SAR) mission payloads. The payloads are controlled and operated via onboard open-architecture, multi-function workstations.
The ARL is an imagery system based on the Dehaviland-7 aircraft. It is supported by three-man Aerial Reconnaissance Support Teams (ARSTs) deployed on the ground with the warfighters, doctrinally one team per division. Each ARST supports the division commander's intelligence gathering effort. Communication and passing of data between the ARL aircraft and the ARSTs is via LST-5 SATCOMM. The ARL can provide: freeze-frame information to ARSTs for the ground commander's immediate use via KU-band satellite; and, real-time video via TACLINK, if within 35 miles line of sight.
Imagery Intelligence (IMINT)
Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT)
Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)

Histories for CRAZY HORSE RC-12 MI Bn LI GUARDRAIL JTF-B Honduras Panama 470th 513th 224th 138th ASA AV MI 98 FL
Finally, on October 1, 1989 the unit FORMALLY ACTIVATED as the Military Intelligence Battalion (Low Intensity) -- MI BN (LI) -- in support of the United States Southern Command US SOUTHCOM based at MacDill, AFB in Tampa, FL. Here's how that worked: The MI BN (LI) was ASSIGNED to INSCOM as a SUBORDINATE unit of the 513TH MI BDE BRIGADE (Ft. Gordon, Georgia), ATTACHED to the 470TH MI BDE BRIGADE (Field Station Panama), and FORWARD DEPLOYED to Central America HONDURAS under the LOCAL COMMAND of JOINT TASK FORCE BRAVO JTF-B. Pre- OPERATION JUST CAUSE - in October 1989 - the first Active Duty enlisted troops showed up in Orlando from Korea, Germany, and Panama. Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT)
Intelligence Collection Management is the process of managing and organizing the collection of intelligence information from various sources Agenda:
Overivew of Intelligence Collection Management (ICM)
Example of ICM from my experiences
Discussion of Homeland Security Agencies
Conclusion Clearance
Well Read
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