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Team Handball

No description

Andrew Roush

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Team Handball

Purposefully fouling the best player on the opposing team.

Taking illegal performance enhancing drugs. Gamespersonship
“Winning at all cost” Handball is believed to be one of the oldest sports.
Some historians speculate that it predates soccer since humans have always been better at manipulating objects with their hands than with their feet.
Handball began in northern Europe in the late 19th century.
Holger Nielsen, Olympic athlete of Denmark and German physical education teacher Max Heiser are credited with shaping the basic rules that would come to govern the sport.
The International Amateur Handball Federation was established in 1928; it was replaced in 1946 by the International Handball Federation, which continues today as the sport's world governing body. History http://olympics.about.com/lw/Sports-Recreation/Amateur-sports/Handball-An-Illustrated-History-.htm
http://www.ihf.info/Home/tabid/40/Default.aspx References Illegal Performance Drugs
Example: Olympic player Davor Dominikovic, from Croatia.

Coach telling players to purposely hurt the other opponents.

Having players play that aren’t on the roster

Paying the refs Cheating Defending the opponent
Cant use your hands to block
Have to use your torso
Free Throw
When fouled (taken from spot of the foul) Rules Throw off
Starts the game, and occurs every time a team score (kick-off in football)
Throw In
When the ball goes out of bounce
The thrower has to place 1 foot on the sideline before throwing the ball
The entire ball crosses the goal line Rules Game Play
2, 20 minute halves with a 10 minute half-time
Running time unless there is an injury or a time-out called (1 TO per half)
OT consists of 2, 5 minute periods
When you have the ball you have to make an attempt to attack and try to score Rules Ball:
Men – 58-60 centimeters and weighs 425 to 475 grams (about 1 pound)
Women – 54-56 centimeters and weighs 325 to 400 grams
7 players on the court (6 players and a goalie)
12 player max for dressing out
Subs can enter whenever as long as the player being subbed has left the court Rules 1. Players shall refrain from possessing or using drugs while traveling, competing, socializing and/or using host facilities
2. Players shall refrain from consuming alcohol while traveling, competing or spectating.
3. Players shall refrain from excessive arguing with referees, tournament officials, coaches, or other players.
4. Players shall treat other players with respect.
5. Players shall adhere to the rules of the game, as stated in the USHA rulebook.
6. Players shall adhere to the rules and regulations of the host facility and hotels.
7. Players shall demonstrate good citizenship, good sportsmanship and exemplify the spirit of handball at all times. Code of Ethics Attempt to out move your opponents with quick passes and deception.
Taking shots “flying in” or cutting to the line somewhat similar to “breaking to the basket” in basketball.
Creating plays to “Set up” shots through picks and screens to confuse the goalie and to get open shots.
On defense: try to always make your opponent shoot over a defender
Playing both man to man and zone defenses.
Setting up a base or a perimeter around your goal. (Somewhat similar to a 3-2 zone in basketball) Handball Norms Handball right now is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe.
With many elementary teachers introducing the sport to their classes, it is important to keep the values and sportspersonship of the game. Expected Values Contact is only allowed when the defensive player is directly between the offensive player and the goal.
Any contact from behind or the side is considered dangerous and is a penalty.
Referees may choose not to stop the game when contact is made as long as the team in possession is not disadvantaged. (If calling a foul would prevent the attacking team from scoring)
Fast Game.
Physically Demanding.
Vital to have good strength and stamina.
Suspensions are given out for brutal contact
Warnings are given out for indirect contact (contact with torso) Expected Values It’s a blend of multiple sports
-primarily basketball and soccer
The match has 2 periods of 30 minutes
-most goals win
Consists of 7 players: 6 outfield & 1 goalkeeper
The court is 130 by 66ft
Players have unlimited number of faults
-But players can receive red or yellow cards Basic Info about Handball It first appeared at the Olympics at the Berlin 1936 Games
In the 1990s, the NCAA classified it as an "emerging sport" for women.
In 2007, Handball faced possible removal along with archery, badminton, and synchronized swimming because of low growth and interest.
Less than ten U.S. institutions are sponsoring the sport at the varsity level.
In 2007, the US men's and women's national teams both failed to qualify for the Pan-American Games; resulting in them not competing in the Beijing Olympics. History Tripping opponents.

Taunting opponent to get inside their head.

Holding others teams jersey on defense. Gamespersonship
Getting an advantage over the other team. Unacceptable
Taking a extra step with the ball.
Predator like defense.
Shooting inside the line.
Crying over a turnover
Kicking the ball
Illegal screen
Preventing a clear score opportunity
Receiving a red or yellow card Acceptable
Displaying textbook defense.
No yellow or red cards throughout the game.
No rude comments to refs or opponents.
Shaking hands after losing a game.
Playing with passion Sportspersonship Progressive
Going for the opponent and not the ball
Warning (Yellow Card)
2 minute suspension
Unsportsmanlike conduct
Illegal substitution
DQ (Red Card)
3, 2 minute penalties the player gets kicked out Penalties Playing the ball
Run 3 steps
Hold for 3 seconds
Dribble as much as you can within 3 steps
No double dribbling
Can’t Do It
Endanger the opponent with the ball
Pull, hit or punch the ball out of the hands
Contact ball below the knee
Dive on the floor Rules Was called field handball
-Played outside with 11 players

Moved indoors and name changed to team handball
-Played with 7 players
Design and size of the ball Evolution 2012- France beats Sweden 22-21 in the London Olympics
Most popular in European countries
Best team so far in the sport right now is known as, Atlético Madrid Today Handball By: Dalton G, Matt B, Josh M,
Andrew R, and David M Handball What’s not ok
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