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Love your city. Love your food. Eat RVA.


on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Eat RVA

Mission Statement POST Process and The Groundswell Analytics The future of Social Media Eat RVA is a movement advocating Richmond's restaurants by encouraging people to eat and promote locally, bringing neighboring communities closer to promote Richmond's unique dining experience. Instagram Conclusion Why eat RVA? - Local restaurants allow for employment opportunities
- Provide a sense of community
- One of a kind dining experiences
- History of Richmond
(i.e. Croaker Spot, Mama J’s, 3rd St. Diner) Target Audience
25-34 year old Richmonders.
"Golden Youth"
No Kids
financially stable
more confident and secure
New technologies Who are They? Social Media: 25-34 year olds 1. Facebook 23% 2. Twitter 30% 3. Google+ 35%
4. Linkedin 31% 5. Pinterest 28% Instagram 30.7% Objectives Listen
Create conversationalists out of joiners.
Document experiences #EatRVA
User participation #EatRVA
Have local restaurants support and promote #EatRVA. Strategies Share personal experiences.
Ask for other people’s experiences.
Give food advice.
Post relevant articles and information.
Give specials and deals information.
Engage with viewers by commenting, liking, reposting their content and replying to their comments on our content. Tactics Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr
Post images of local meals. Tag our hashtag and existing food group’s tag
Post “Guess where” images of local restaurants to encourage conversation.
Repost other user’s food images as “features”
Post specials
Repost restaurants special’s post
Ask questions about eating locally
Give advice on where to eat locally
Post articles dealing with Richmond local restaurants Social Media Tools
Post, repost pictures of local RVA food.
Pose questions and state specials.
Start conversation and feature others.

Start conversations with others.
Recommend RVA local restaurants.
Relate relevant articles.
Pose questions.
State specials.
Tweet and retweet interesting post.

Centralize all content. #eatrva and articles
Direct viewers to Twitter and IG.
Pose questions to followers about local eats. #eatrva Post Campaign Analysis
Lessons Successes:
- Week vs. weekend posts
- “Guess where” images
- Images of food = more feedback
- Getting restaurants and consumers to use
- Transition from non-existent to Creators

- non-foodies/ other personal accounts use of
- responses to regular questions
- surveys
- "Send us your pictures" (volunteering info)

Different approach:
- Content Calendar (pre-planning)
- Personally contact restaurants "Week vs. weekend" Image-based
Small caption/post
Geotagging Team Facebook group
Groupme Smart phone application
Meetings Twitter Tumblr Visual.ly Week 1 Today Today Talking
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