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F. Scott Fitzgerald

No description

Jessica Goakey

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of F. Scott Fitzgerald

A.K.A. F. Scott Fitzgerald Francis Key Scott Fizgerald The Early Days Born in St. Paul, MN
Middle class family
Attended Princeton
Neglected studies
Joined army during WWI Failed Wrote first novel during the war
Declined by publisher Zelda Sayre Met while stationed in Alabama
Became engaged
Second novel failed
Moved to New York after the war
She broke off engagement because she could not wait for him to become financially stable This Side of Paradise Married Life Passionate and troubled relationship
Known for extravagant living
Fitzgerald became alcoholic
Led to frequent domestic fights The Great Gatsby Published in 1925
Known as a drunk=critics' low opinions of his work
Very few purchases
Critics objected Fitzgerald's work with love and success, he replied, "But, my God! It was my material, and it was all I had to deal with." The End Died in Hollywood in 1940
Believed he was a failure
Zelda died eight years later
Suffered nervous breakdown during the Great Depression
By 1950s, "The Great Gatsby" had become a part of the American literary canon 1896-1940 Published in 1920
First published novel
Overnight success
Married Zelda a week later
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