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Chauncy Harris & Edward Ullman

No description

Charleen Hwang

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Chauncy Harris & Edward Ullman

The Multiple-Nuclei Model The Geographers Chauncy Harris The Multiple-Nuclei Model Application Describe city layout
CBD losing importance
Rise of automobiles
Commuting Urban Geography Historical geography
Culture & form
Spatial organization
Urban planning Spatial Organization Concentric Zone Model By Charleen Hwang & Anjalee Singh Chauncy Harris & Edward Ullman Edward Ullman Sector Model Multiple-Nuclei Model Born in Logan, Utah 1914 1940 Received B.A. from Brigham Young University

Presented with the Rhodes Scholarship Completed 2nd B.A.

Received Master's Degree

Received M.A. from London School of Economics

Completed Ph.D. at U of C 1933 Published first 2 works on the Soviet Union

Wrote "The Nature of Cities" with Edward Ullman 1945 Died December 26 2003 City lacking strong central core; has many "nodes" of business & cultural activity
Ex. Los Angeles Born 1945 Wrote "The Nature of Cities" with Chauncy Harris Outlined operational parameters for the establishment of the Geography Library 1951 1976 1912 Death
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