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The Ancestral Path of Andrew Harnsberger

No description

Andrew Harnsberger

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of The Ancestral Path of Andrew Harnsberger

The Ancestral Path of Andrew Harnsberger
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My Ancestry / Nationality
What Made Them Leave
Form Of Transportation
Preparations to Leave
Landing in America
My ancestral roots are found in Western Europe, more specifically Germany and Austria-Hungary also known as present day Czechoslovakia.
Austria-Hungary Flag
German Flag
My Ancestors wanted to come to the United States for Opportunity and Employment. They had expectations that America would be in a major need for new workers.
My ancestors immigrated to the US via a ship across the Atlantic Ocean. My mother's side of the family came over in the early 1900s and my father's side of the family came over in 1893.
Ships that Immigrants took
Both families sold their belongings to afford their voyage to the US. Additionally, my great grandfather was required to find a sponsor to facilitate his entrance through Ellis Island. He was a craftsman, this was key to him locating a sponsor.
Illustration of Immigrants approaching Ellis Island, New York
Photograph of a ship picking up immigrants
Ellis Island was the location of where my ancestor's immigration paperwork was filed and approved.
Photograph of Ellis Island, New York
Moving Around America
My great grandfather on my mother's side moved his family to the Pittsburgh area and found a job at a steel plant. My great grandfather on my father's side moved to Virginia, then to Scranton and then to Harrisburg.
Immigrant's Expectations
My Ancestors thought that they would be paid more from the jobs that they would find in America. Their living standards did improve compared to where they originally lived and did find more opportunities. For many immigrating people America did not live up to their unrealistic expectations.
Things I Learned from this Project
I learned that I did not know as much as I thought I knew. It is important to learn one's ancestry and to trace back to their roots.
My Percentages
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