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Athena on Mt. OLympus

No description

gs students

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Athena on Mt. OLympus

Athena on Mt. Olympus
The goddess of wisdom
Athena was Zeus's daughter. It was believed that she had no mother but she was born right out of his brain
Athena and Posidean
Mt. Olympus
Athena held 1 seat out of 12 on Mt. Olympus
A myth believes that the city Athens was named after her.
The myth goes that Athena and Poseidon were fighting over land because they both loved being in charge. to get the people to choose him Poseidon gave them water tons of water,but it was salty so the people would not drink it. Athena gave the people a wondrous olive tree the people loved the olives. Athena had won. The people named there city Athens after her.
She was a strong warrior but only took part in battle when her state was in danger from out side enemies.
The Parthenon
The Parthenon was built in honor of Athena
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