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Career Fair Prep

No description

Michelle Berg

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Career Fair Prep

Career Fair
Prep Michelle Berg
University Career Center Name
Area of study
Your career interests
A question
Don't focus
on the giveaways. Work on an
"elevator pitch" What would you say to someone if you only had 30 seconds? What happens
at a career fair? Exchange of information Networking = Do your research Social media Let's Practice! 2) Find a partner and take turns being the employer and the student 1) Take notes and write out your elevator pitch Career Fair Myths (debunked) Career fairs are only for graduating seniors Career fairs are scary! If I go to a career fair, I'll walk away with a job/internship I don't belong at a career fair because I don't know what I'm doing Career fairs are only for business students Asking Questions Open vs. closed Closed cuts off conversation Open probes for more information Make it meaningful! Information they've mentioned
Research you've done
Company values/culture
Your own qualifications Ask employers quality questions based on : One or two questions is sufficient as to not monopolize their time. What should I say? Introductions New contacts Determining fit Fastest ways to not rock a career fair: Wear a lot of bright colors
Sport your fancy flip-flops, sweatshirt, & jeans
Leave your resume at home
Overpower employers with your cologne/perfume
Hand over your resume without saying a word
Act timid, nervous, and self-conscious
Take all the pretty giveaway goodies
Ask "Do you have any jobs?"
Stroll in fashionably late...a half hour before the fair ends
Neglect to follow up with the people you met Career Connection Company pages Google News Outline Phase 3: After the fair Phase 1: Before the fair Phase 2: During the fair View Attending Organizations Search "Career Fairs & Events" for attending organizations Once you've selected an event,
you can view attending organizations, review employer profiles, and view posted positions. Professional Business
Attire for Women Business
Attire for Men We've seen some things at career fairs that are NOT pretty

(or professional) Examples: Tips for
everyone! Appearance Conservative colors
Tasteful accessories
Go easy on the cologne/perfume/ body spray Clean and neat hair and nails
Wear a suit if possible
Clean, pressed clothes
Fit = Not baggy or tight Suit: skirt or pants in a conservative color
A dress with blazer can be appropriate
Dressy blouse
Flats or heels are fine
Wear nylons with skirt or dress
Tasteful makeup and accessories
Hint of color with your suit
Appropriate necklines and hemlines
Wear comfortable shoes (if they don't fit, we can tell) Pantsuit in a conservative color
Tie (classy- not loud!)
Solid button-down
Dark socks go with dark shoes
Take out visible body piercings
Don't wear an out-of-date suit Upcoming Career Fairs: Nursing & Health Sciences Career Expo
March 4 from 11:30-2 in Magnolia GACE College-to-Career Fair
April 10 from 11-3 in Atlanta
Cobb Galleria Career Expo & Interview Day
March 11 from 11-2 in Magnolia
Interviews from 2:30-4:30
(must preregister to interview) What can I expect? Registration HR professionals
Department managers
CEO or President (rare) Review handouts Survey the room and layout Locate your target employers Collect information Who staffs the tables? It starts with
a handshake. Make sure your handshake is firm
2-3 pumps are appropriate No fishy business! No death grip! Let's Practice! Give each other feedback! Practice your handshake with two other people What's next after you introduce yourself? Tips before the fair Get plenty of rest before the fair Practice! Make notes about your qualifications, what you're looking for, and your questions Use a professional portfolio pad Bring several (15+) copies Print your resume on resume paper Prepare your outfit in advance How to leave it Exchange information (your resume, their business card) Respect their time and the time of your peers. Wait your turn. And now for some general tips.... Follow up: Send a thank out email letting the employer know you've applied.

Attach a resume if you were unable to apply online but want to be considered for future positions.

After two weeks, call the employers who have not contacted you. It's appropriate to connect with a new contact on LinkedIn.

Mention meeting at the career fair in your invitation.
1) Confirm receipt of your resume
2) Restate interest
3) Get an idea of their interview timeline Thank you!

Thank them for their time and reestablish your interest Know their timeline before your leave Shake hands again Note: Some companies have policies about accepting resumes If you're interested, apply!
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