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Abbas ibn Firnas

No description

malak saif

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Abbas ibn Firnas

Abbas ibn Firnas ibn Wirdas al-Takurini

He was born in Ninth-century in Andalusian
producing a flying machine, crystal , and a planetarium

The first all metal plane was built by a German, Herman Junkers. It traveled at 170 km an hour.
Abbas Ibn Firnas

decided to fly off a tower in Cordoba using a huge winglike cloak to break his fall. He survived with minor injuries .
IN 1783

The Montgolfier brothers launched the first hot air balloon

The Wright Brothers made the first engine powered flight in 'The Flyer'. It flew for 12 seconds and traveled 37 meters.

IN 1903
IN 1915
The first practical helicopter which could carry passengers .

IN 1940

IN 1976
IN 852
IN 875
at an age of 65 years, Ibn Firnas built his own glider, and launched himself from a mountain. The flight was largely successful, However, the landing was bad. He injured his back .
Entered the plane (Concorde) in passenger service ,a transport plane exceeds the speed of sound .

Introduction about the project:
Our project talk about "time line of plane" . And how abbas transform his research and hypotheses
to what we have today, where it became the planes are used for many purposes in this days , such as travel and also used in war .

Literature review :
Wikipedia , the book named " 1001 invention " .
Aims and objectives :
the goal for our project is to explain the idea of the place and flaying started to what we have today , steps for improve the plane .

If we have a more time :
We will try to make a machine for a small plane in order to can fly .

steps of the project
by :
Malak Saif
Nameer Mobaraki

Supervised :
ola albuttahir
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