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OB ch10

No description

Daeun Kim

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of OB ch10

"I have no question that a team can generate magic. But don't count on it." Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Usually we expected... Small-Sized Group
Consistent Membership
Assertive,Courageous Team Leader HOW CAN TEAM
ACHIEVE THE GOAL? Through this, teams can achieve their goal! Why don't Teams work like they're supposed to? Case incident 1. EASLY JUMP OVER THE RISK HOWEVER... Factors of effective team As the team is not a best way to solve the problem, company need to bring all together
and use the best solution to each problem; the example, Ghana Airways need the disconnected individual strategy. What are the main factors of effective team? HOWEVER.. TEAM Richard Hackman from Harvard Univ. Effectiveness Team which fail to
establish the groundwork Group which simply divided the work part Hackman's study of 120 senior management group Organization reconfigure
the team without considering Failure of the team Ghana Airways Frequent changes in top management
Lack of strategic vision BANKRUPT It is wise to consider how to best heed the advice provided above and ensure your team isn't less than the sum of its parts. QUESTION 1. What do you think of the elements of successful
team work Hackman has identified? Do you believe these elements are necessary for effective team performance? small-sized group
consistent membership
assertive,courageous leader YES I BELIEVE! QUESTION 2. Can you think of other conditions necessary for teams to be effective? QUESTION 3. Imagine you've been asked to assemble and lead a team of high-potential new hires to work on the development of an international marketing campaign. What specific steps might you take early in the team's life to ensure that the new team is able to avoid some if the problems Hackman identified? Is there any way to break down the overall group goal into subtasks so individual accountability can be enhanced? THANK YOU! Our team is effective! Interaction is a very important factor for teams 1.There has to be a plenty of room for the ideas of minority

2.Define each member’s role in the team regularly for achieving the common purpose. 1)Lack of groundwork
The team should interact with other department to gather information
Each member choose what department they will be interacted,
And when member brings some information, the person
Present at the meeting to share it.

2)Short duration of the team,
Make the goal in a short-term. Then members will less worry about
The stages of the group or tasks.
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