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Chemistry Compound Project

Chemistry classes get a taste of a PREZI by finding out information on a compound.

Debra Blomstedt

on 8 March 2012

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Transcript of Chemistry Compound Project

Compound Project:
4th Quarter Project Students will randomly draw for a compound.
After all students in a class have drawn,
students may redraw for a different compound. Why is the compound important? What are some of the uses of
your compound? How much of the compound
is used annually? What does your compound
look like? On the molecular
level? Each student will
need to build their
model out of styrofoam
balls or other materials Hints for information:
Keep information in box
format so that they will
expand when you show your
PREZI Hints for pictures:
You must keep pictures
in jpg format
not store them on a word document How is your compound
manufactured? Models will be graded
on the following criteria:
relative size of atoms
bond angles in compound Are there any
health concerns
associated with your
compound? Grading:
Use of class time 30 pts
Grammar/spelling up to 30 pts
Pictures in PREZI up to 15 pts
clarity of pictures
number of pictures (3)
Information up to 25 pts
Model up to 30 pts
Works Cited up to 30 pts
Presentation 30 pts
Attentiveness while others present 10 pts
Information up to 5 pts for each
annual amount
manufacturing process
other Model up to 10 pts for each
diagram of model in PREZI
accuracy of model's atoms
accuracy of model's bond angles Bonus Share project with another teacher (3)
Share project with a unique teacher (5)
Share project with parent (3) Sample
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