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Why TDD?

No description

Pierre Ingmansson

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Why TDD?

Bugs TDD Readable code Writing code "Even if you don't intend anybody else to read your code, there's still a very good chance that somebody will have to stare at your code and figure out what it does: That person is probably going to be you, twelve months from now." Quotes "For me, TDD means clarifying your expectations at the forefront, and letting the implementation naturally conform to them as a result." - Ryan "TDD helps me focus, at any given time I'm only trying to get one test to be green"
- Gabor "TDD means making sure you understand the problem before you start smashing on your keyboard with ignorance" - Zsolt Thank you! About Process Pros / cons 3A Baby steps 40 - 90% fewer bugs discovered during testing 15 - 35% more time spent on development Report from Microsoft & IBM Kent Beck I'm not a great programmer,

I'm just a good programmer with great habits. Silver bullet? Well.. no Performance testing Exploratory testing QA testing UI testing Still needed Demo! As small as possible As large as is comfortable Write test Implement Experience of TDD Technology knowledge Boldness Understanding the problem domain Arrange Act Assert More productive More reliable More agile More confident More code to maintain Takes longer Easy to learn,
but harder to master Writing good tests? Better "API"
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