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La Soufriere

No description

emma jacobs

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of La Soufriere

La Soufriere Location La Soufriere is located on an island in the Caribbean called St. Vincent near the Grenadine Islands. La Soufriere coordinates are 13.33 degrees north and 61.18 degrees west La Soufriere's Eruptions La Soufriere is 294 years old according to its first eruption in 1718. Since La Soufriere's first eruption it has erupted 4 times. La Soufriere's last eruption occurred in 1979. La Soufriere's worst explosion was in 1812 when the volcano exploded, it caught islanders by surprise. 1,600 people died from the 1812 explosion Eruption's Effects on the Volcano Over time the eruptions caused La Soufriere's structure to change. In 1902 the eruption formed a crater lake. In 1971 another eruption caused a island to form in the middle of the crater lake. 1979 the crater lake is replaced by a lava dome that is present now. What type of volcano is La Soufriere and how was it formed? La Soufriere was formed like most of the Caribbean island volcanoes. It originated from where the Caribbean and Atlantic oceanic plates met. La Soufriere is a stratovolcano. Since La Soufriere is a stratovolcano it is on a subduction fault. La Soufriere will take awhile to erupt again but since it's stress is compression and it's a stratovolcano it's eruption will be massive. La Soufriere Topographic La Soufriere as I explained in the last square is a strato volcano formed from a hot spot it was also made from a convergent plate boundary. Below is an topographic image of La Soufriere. The contour interval elevation is 800m Other Information La Soufriere is the highest peak among the St. Vincent island volcano ranges. La Soufriere is a very beautiful volcano many tourist travel to see it , the joureny is usually 1 day or 2. La Soufriere's highest elevation is 4,003 feet high. The picture below was taken in 1972 when the crater lake was still present Above is a satellite image of La Soufriere on the island of St. Vincent The picture above was taken in 1902 it is a picture of the eastern side of St. Vincent where trees had been destroyed by the lava and ash exposition 1972 1988 Volcano Eruptions Effects on the World Because of La Sourfriere's last eruption in 1979 the entire Parrot population ceased to exist till returning 20years later
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