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SCIx 2011 - 4D Image Reconstruction

Presentation about 4D Reconstruction for SCIx open house November 3-4, 2011

Jacob Hinkle

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of SCIx 2011 - 4D Image Reconstruction

Radiation Oncology Simulation
Scan Therapy Planning Treatment Patient Motion Inconsistent Data 4D MAP Image Reconstruction easily model incompressible tissue Eliminate artifacts Increased SNR Model Both Organ Motion & CT Data Acquisition Better motion information Experimental Validation: Phantom Studies Animate Porcine Liver Phantom 4D Reconstruction an integrated approach 4D RCCT Amplitude Binning Phase Binning Binning Algorithms Example: Conebeam CT Simulation Constitutive tissue modeling CT data acquisition model Noisy Image Suboptimal
Treatment Motion-Induced Artifacts Optimal Treatment Planning Reduced Diagnostic Dose 4D MAP Image Reconstruction Jacob Hinkle Sarang Joshi P Thomas Fletcher Brian Wang Bill J Salter Martin Szegedi Patient Results GE Advantage 4D Reconstruction TM Proposed Method 4D Image Reconstruction for Radiation Oncology Jacob Hinkle

5th year PhD Student.
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