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Interesting Facts About the Mexican American War

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Katie Champion

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Interesting Facts About the Mexican American War

Interesting Facts About the Mexican American War
Why Was Texas Partially to Blame in the War?
The Mexican Goverment became very angry when the United States leader invited Texas to become a State.
When did the United States Declare War on Mexico?
The United States declared war on Mexico on May13,1846
Why were President Polk and John Sloat Important CA History
John D Sloat declared California was now a part of the United States .
How did the Mexican and American Leaders Differ About Texas
Mexico considered Texas to be a part of Mexico but the United States invited Texas tot be its own State. So both countries thought that Texas was a part of there country.
Why was Commodore Stockton an Influential Leader
Stockton named John C. Fremont and Archibald Gillepsie, a United States Marine, leaders of the Bear Flaggers. Stockton made Bear Flaggers a part of the U.S Army.
Why Were Californios Angry With Archibald Gillepsie
Stockton left Gillepsie in charge of Los Angeles. Gillepsie made strict rules about when and where people travel.
What did the People do to Rebel Against Gillepsie
The Californios battled against the Americans at Rancho Domínguez.
What Happened to GEN Kearny & Kit Carso When They got to CA
Kearny and Carson got ambushed by a group of Californios when the two reaced California.
Which Battles Where Fought near Los Angeles
The battle at Domínguez Rancho and the Battle of San PAsqual
Why did Kearny send most of his soldiers back to New Mexico
Kit Carson told Kearny that the Californias was safety under the United States control because he didnt hear of the fighting.
Bernarda Ruiz & the relationship of Fremont and Californios
She advised Fremont to offer easy peace terms to the Californios. He took her advise, and did not punish them.
Treaties and what treaties helped end fighting in California
It ia an agreement between two countries. The treaty of Cahuenga helped end fighting . The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war.
How much the U.S payed Mexico & what Staes were includeded
The U.S agreed to pay 15 million to Mexico.
What was the results of the treaty of Guadalupe and Hidalgo
The results was that the U.S had acheived its dream of manifest destiny. It also stopped the war.
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