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nitial is a company that constructs and delivers to you the

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Lemeki Saqusaqu

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of nitial is a company that constructs and delivers to you the

The T-shirts will be 100% cotton because it is breathable, insulated, controls moisture, hypoallergenic, weather proof & durable. The opportunity costs consists of cheap fleece and polyester and the fact that both those materials will not fade as much when washed. A bale of cotton weights 500 pounds and costs $450 per bale which will is enough to make about 1,217 mens shirts. Therefore the shirts will cost about $49.99.
INITIAl will design T-shirts, jumpers hats and other accessories that includes this logo. However, as a company that just had made a recent start we will begin by designing top quality T-shirts! The T-shirt may come with a variety of different colours, Although, we will start by producing Black and White shirts as recent studies have shown that those Shades are the most favored 'colours'
Initial is a company that constructs and delivers to you the best quality shirts that suits anyone and everyone. These shirts are stylish , breathable and comes marked with the INITIAL logo that no one will forget. It is 100% cotton and it will be a must have item!!
The factory will be based on different places in Bangladesh. This will be very beneficial to this company (Financial wise) as workers will get a pay rate of 23c per hour. The opportunity cost is that Australian workers will work for an increased price per hour therefore reducing our profit. The Company will invest money on machines and other equipment to deliver our promised top QUALTY! We will also invest money in ideas to make factories safer for our workers and greener for the enviroment.


Locating our factories in Bangladesh is beneficial to both the company and the citizens of country. HOW? In 2010 the unemployment rate of this country was at a whooping 5.1% as time went by the rate dropped to 4.5% and then in 2014 decreased to 4.3%. And locating our factories in Bangladesh will decrease the rate even more.
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