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Norman Career Services

No description

Brandon Wright

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Norman Career Services

NCS Team
Placement Data
966 degrees awarded in spring 2015
765 placement cards were collected
ATU spring 2015 placement rate -
*NACE National Placment Rate - 52%
NACE Southeast Region Placement Rate - 43%

ATU College of Arts & Humanities -

Art - 60%
Behavioral Sciences - 68%
Communication & Journalism - 49%
English and World Languages - 52%
History and Political Science - 39%
Music - 33%

*NACE (National Assocation of Colleges and Employers)
Don't Cancel Class
Number of classes attended:
Student interactions:
NCS Team
Placement Data
Top-Paid Humanities Majors
Don't Cancel Class
Share Information
Doc Bryan 229
Norman Career Services
Jayne Sewell, Adminstrative Assistant
Email: jsewell@atu.edu
Melanie Diffey, Career Counselor
Email: mdiffey@atu.edu
Autumn Jones, Graduate Assistant
Email: ajones49@atu.edu
Brandon Wright, Director of Career Services
Email: bwright@atu.edu
Some topics we have discussed in the past include:

Services offered by NCS
Resume/cover letter writing
Preparing for career fairs
Career/internship search assistance
Professionalism in dress and conduct
Choosing a major
Looking to hire?
Browse résumés
Post jobs

Contact Norman Career Services to have an account created.
Share Information
Employer contacts
Job opportunities
Norman Career Services

It's a win win!
Top-Paid Humanities Majors
Overall average, regardless of major, is
Average projected salaries for humanities majors at the bachelor's level:

Major - Average Starting Salary
English Language & Literature - $43,000
Foreign Languate & Literature - $41,750
History - $43,000
Liberal Arts/ General Studies - $ 43,000
Philosophy - $44,000
Visual & Performing Arts - $43,000

Common Jobs For Humanities Majors:

Research findings indicate that humanities graduates were more likely to pursue an advanced degree and less likely to have a full-time job.

Source: January 2015 Salary Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)
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