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Inca Job Specialization

No description

calvin wang

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Inca Job Specialization

Job: Farmers
Inca Pottery
Job: Artisan
Inca Emperor
Job: Emperor
Job: Mit'a (Inca people)
Inca Job Specialization
by Calvin and Wade
Job: Chasqui (runners)
Incan Sorcerer
Biggest group among the people
Very hard life
Provided resources for the community
Used advanced roads to distribute food to entire community
Had special tools
Job made harder because of rocky and uneven terrain
Grew excess crops for government storage
Created terrace farming
Common Crops
quinoa (seed for soup and flour
oca (edible root)
Specially selected people
Made pottery at a very fast rate, almost like a "factory worker"
Made pottery to give annual tax to the government
High artisans worked for the government and supplying pottery and jewelery to the emperor
Higher social class than farmers
Used advanced carving tools for their time
Provided labor for public projects
Accepted any job
Inca people worked instead of paying taxes
Many people participated in the jobs because it lowered their annual taxes
Women did not participate in Mit'a labor
Common Assignments
Building roads
Building government buildings
Transport goods
Military service
Ran information from place to place within the empire
Fastest form of messaging in the americas at that time
Used in the army, by the emperor and merchants
It was a great honor to be selected to be a Chasqui
Traveled up to 280 kilometers per day
Trained a lot to increase ability
Developed lungs to increase stamina
Local towns people
Predict future
Cast spells
Helps people overcome their goals
Were not priests
Worked with spirits
Controlled: economy, people, religious events, warfare and almost all decisions
Had advisers and professionals to help and give advice
Highest position
Power through religion
Controlled: economy, people, religious events, warfare and almost all decisions

Spanish affect: The Farmers were forced to fish more and grow different crops.
Spanish affect: Old pottery was destroyed and new designs were formed on the pottery.

Spanish affect: Became less important because of spanish horses being used in place of the Chasqui
Spanish Affect: Were not used anymore because spanish people didn't believe in magic.
Spanish affect: Emperor was killed and the new spanish ruler ruled with absolute authority.

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Spanish affect: They were forced to destroy and build new buildings and palaces.
Long term affect: All of these jobs and the people were plagued with disease and famine from the spanish. This caused the Incan workforce to severely decline and the spanish were forced to replace and pick up the jobs to maintain their new lifestyle.
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