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space race

No description

mykenya gayle

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of space race

Space Race
The Space Race was between 1957-1975.
The Space Race was a battle between the Americans
and the Russians, it was to see who had better
scientists and for space exploration
Russia was the first country to send an animal to space. The dog was called Laika. This soviet space animal was born 1954 and died 1957. His death was in space.

Who first got there with an object?
This animal space cadet was called Able. He was sent to space by the Americans. The reason why the Americans sent Able was because they saw Russia sending Laika up into space and dogs have 75% out of 100 human genes, so they thought that they could send Able who's species has 98% out of 100
human genes. This shows the Americans and Russians that they could send humans to space.
American Ape in Space?
The first man in space was called Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin. He was born 9th of March 1934 and died 27th of March 1968. In April 1961 Yuri travelled to space. The spaceship he travelled in was called Vostok 1.
First Man In Space
The first man on the moon was called Neil Armstrong.
In 1969 he launched to the moon. As he stepped on the moon he said these words, "One small step for man and a giant leap for mankind".
Man On The Moon
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