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Computer App 1

By Lauren Ford

Lauren Ford

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Computer App 1

Case CPU Heatsink and Fan RAM Motherboard Power Supply Hard Drive Optical Drive Sound Cards Video Cards Monitor Keyboard Mouse Operating System Speakers Network Interface Card Software Printer $79.99 $97.99 $114.99 $24.99 $11.99 $119.99 $19.99 $254.99 $56.99 $17.99 $99.99 $29.99 $14.99 $99.99 $239.99 $89.99 $214.99 $184.99 Building My Computer Steps To Build A Computer

1. Put the heatsink, memory, and CPU on the outside of the case

2. Place the CPU on the motherboard, lift lever, and let it fall into place. Next close lever

3. The CPU cooler is placed over the CPu and latch on.

4. Put the RAM into the proper slots.

5. Next attach the back plane connector.

6. Plug the mother board in.

7. Next take out the drive case and fan

8.Put the drive into the case and put the case back in.

9. Take out front bezel for the Optical Drive and secure.

10. Plug in the main power into the board.

11. Install USB, Audio, Sata into the mother board

12. Put the power supply into the case and secure it.

13. Put the video card into the PCI express slot.

14. Apply the power

15. Install the software. Total Cost: $1774.82
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