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Scapegoating and Memisis

No description

James Houle

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Scapegoating and Memisis

Scape Goating And Memisis René Girard and
His Ideas ScapeGoating Definition:
A person or group made to bear the blame or to suffer in their place. Memesis Memetic Desire: Conspicuous Consumption RENE GIRARD (1923) •Born on December 25, 1923, Avignon, France.
• Girard himself...
•He attend and taught at a variety of Universities, and studied in a variety of different courses...
• Girard published many novels through his career (somewhere around 30) and developed two literary ideas... René Girard ScapeGoating Memesis: Desire, and Rivalry. Conspicuous Consumption All Of Humans Ideas Are Borrowed From Others... Memetic Rivalry: Basically Willing To Do Anything For Something You Desire... Types of scapegoating •Individuals against Individuals (e.g. "Jimmy did it, not me!")
•Individuals against groups (e.g., "I failed because our school favors boys")
•Groups against individuals (e.g., "Jane was the reason our team didn't win")
•And groups against groups (e.g., "Immigrants are taking all of the jobs") •Examples of groups include:
- Genders
- Religions
- Races
- Nations
- Governments
- Coorperation •Used to categorize a group according to the actions of a few individuals in said group.. (Stereotyping...) About Scapegoating... But the goat chosen by lot as the scapegoat shall be presented alive before the LORD to be used for making atonement by sending it into the desert as a scapegoat.-Jesus Christ Time for an Activity... Time for an Activity... Again... Scapegoating in Literature Often used
Literary archetype DISCUSSION... DISCUSSION... Unnecessary buying .
Consuming for sake of consuming.
Done by upper and lower classes
Large part of capitalist societies.
Proposed as an act of aggressiveness towards society.*
"The Theory Of the Leisure Class" Thorstein Veblen Cato ,Wisconsin, July 30th 1857
Attended Carleton College, Northfield , Minnesota.
1884- Ph.D from Yale
1891- Cornell for economics

Married Ellen Rolfe in 1888, divorced in 1911.
He then married Ann Bradley in 1914 and was with her until her death.
"Conspicuous consumption of valuable goods is a means of reputability to the gentleman of leisure."
Died in 1929 Get in groups ! Are these examples of Conspicuous Consumption? 1. Connor goes to walmart and buys a cell phone. This is his first phone. Before this, he couldn't stay in touch with his friends.
2. Mr Murray is at home watching TV when a commercial for the new Beats by Dre comes on . He runs to the nearest store and picks up a pair to replace his Apple earphones.
3. Ty usually drives his BMW to school. While at the local car show , Ty buys a new Bugatti Veyron for $1,500,000. The next day, he speeds into the school parking lot and shows off his car.
4. Scot goes to HMV and buys the new Odd Future album, goes home, and listens to it quietly in his room.
5. James is starving in the desert, and comes across a vendor who sells him an apple. Conspicuous Consumption and Race Black and hispanic people spend an average of 25% more on visible goods.
This doesn't have much to do with actual race however.
It is based off the person's reference group.
People with different reference groups will have different incentives to buy material objects.
Therefore this statistic is in a way interchangeable.
There is however always a slight difference. C'est Tout...
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