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A new direction for literacy...

No description

Jack Sloan

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of A new direction for literacy...

Hanover Primary School A new direction for literacy However... There's a lot to celebrate! Where we are (or were in 2012) 2 minute discussion What has led to
high standards in literacy?
What has been effective? Reading scores lower at KS2 than they should be – SATs results came out well...
Progress in writing at KS1 has never been as high as it should have been - focus on phonics.
Focus on RML Phonics at KS1 means children don’t have as much access to quality literature as they might: Children don't talk of a love of reading
Transition from KS1-KS2 is difficult for less able children Identified issues: What are we doing about the shortcomings? Shortening of RML programme in KS1, with some children moving away from it altogether when they are ready.
Use of high-quality texts as the basis for literacy units in the second-half of KS1 lessons - POR.
Use of high-quality texts as the basis for literacy units in KS2. Children in KS2 who need phonic intervention will be supported through intervention.
Development of reading areas and library. Engagement with a text Power of Reading Project Two to five week units, based around a high-quality text.
Exemplified planning available on the POR website (shh!)
Focus on talk for writing, drama and emotional response to the text.
Writing generated from the text - writing in role, newspaper articles, diary entries, poetry, reports, reviews etc.
Can feed into big writing.
EYFS-Y7 How does it work? Let's have a go 2... Session 4
Discussion, Freeze frame and writing in role
Read onto the page which starts ‘I missed Dad’ and then go back to the page before with the image of mum and the boy having breakfast. If possible enlarge this image on an interactive board

Discuss with the children the scene at breakfast considering where dad has gone and what the mum and the boy might be thinking. Ask the children to freeze frame the scene in pairs and then ask some individuals to voice their thoughts in role. Then ask the pairs to role play a conversation between mum and the boy. Ask the children to write individual notes or emails (in role as the boy in the story) to dad to ask him to come home. These could be displayed on a class message board. Let's have a go...

Y3/4 unit - Into the Forest by Anthony Browne Moving forwards After half term we are going to begin to use POR resources and approach.

KS1 - will have 25 minute RML session (Nicky)
Remaining time will be spent on POR text.

KS2 - will have their normal time for literacy. They will continue to have literacy interventions.

Big writing will continue - if you can link it with POR text that's great, but might not always be possible.

Guided reading to continue as before.

Your job to ensure coverage - lots to choose from, but check you are covering genres/writing styles. Training in POR techniques
Resources - texts etc.
Support in planning and delivery of units What will I offer you? As a phase,decide on a text you want to deliver. It makes sense to work on the same text.

Tell me which text you have chosen and I will order a book for each class.

Plan your unit together using the standard literacy format. Make sure you evaluate how it has gone - please tell me what you think! Getting started... In phase groups, choose a book, look at the planning and think about how you might adapt it to suit your children. Questions?
Issues? http://y6.ferrylane.net/2012/04/23/frozen-battlefield-by-sharon/ High-quality writing A love of reading...
Year 1 reading - 3.90, writing - 3.30
Year 2 reading - 3.50, writing - 2.50
Year 3 reading - 2.70, writing - 3.00
Year 4 reading - 2.70, writing - 2.20
Year 5 reading - 2.90, writing - 2.70
Year 6 reading - 3.33, writing - 2.82
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