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Information Storage in synthesized DNA

No description

Lindsay Lohr

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Information Storage in synthesized DNA

Lindsay Lohr Towards practical, high-capacity, low maintenance information storage in synthesized DNA Overview
"Genesis gene"
Living Vectors Background
Conclusions Can large amounts of information be stored on DNA and retrieved with accuracy? Hypothesis: Range of file formats
ASCII text
MP3 Experiments: Base-3 to DNA encoding Issues
Costs Conclusions: Progress: Synthesis: Fragments
PCR Decoding: Question: Which of the following was NOT encoded into the DNA? A. An excerpt from a scientific article (Watson and Crick)
B. All 154 of Shakespeare's sonnets
C. An audio clip (Martin Luther King)
D. A video clip (Carl Sagan) Funding: Fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation
EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship under Marie Curie Actions Kac, 1999 Genesis Gene Church, et al. 2012 Digitized genome sequence
Mutations Goldman Cost and Efficiency
Safeguards: No homopolymers
Reverse complement
Parity-check AYB
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