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Angus Konsti

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of ZARA & MANGO

ZARA and MANGO Britt, Angus & Lucy Mango was created in 1995 by brothers, Isak Andic and Nahman Andic. Mango is a favourite clothing brand to many people because it has a lot of different styles to offer.Before the first Mango store was opened in Australia, in 2000, Australia wasn't brave enough to wear clothes as bright and colourful as the clothes that Mango sells.
Before Mango was brought into Australia, they already had hundreds of stores around the world, in countries such as England, many parts of Spain, America and South Africa.

Mango fashion has influenced the Australian day high street by:
- Its boldness
- Its sophistication and simplicity
- Its season co-ordinated colours
- Its patterns
- Its overall style and size
- Intricate detail

Compared to Australia’s fashion, Mango is quite similar and both styles show the same traits. This indicates that Mango has influenced larger brands in Australia to look at new ways of styling and putting new things together on advertisement.

Mango has a variety of patterned things that appeal to different age groups. Certain patterns sell better as they may be more visually appealing or flattering, and if they were to become popular to the public they would most likely be similarly made by other brands too. This would affect the Australian day high street by the popular patterns as they would be in higher demand. Background MANGO Influences The clothes show examples of how some things are very bold and are done this way to make a statement and to allow it to be worn with other bold or detailed items. This has had an impact on Australia’s modern day high street as it encourages other big brands to make similar products and how they should be advertised.

Both Mango and some of Australia’s modern day high street have a variety of clothing and accessories that are co-ordinated by the iconic seasonal colours. For example; the spring collection by Mango features colours such a turquoise, blues, soft greys, creams and whites. This would encourage other brands to do the same thing if it had a good outcome.

Mango has influenced the Australian day high street by what and how things are worn. For example; Mango might advertise a semi-crop jumper, and it may become very popular. This means that more people would be wearing and buying this product. This would then impact the sale rates of other brands, encouraging them to make something similar.

Mango has influenced intricate detail in Australian day high street as it has produced detailed items and given examples of they can be worn. This has affected Australian day high street by how other brands have advertised their clothing and how they have altered certain items to make them appeal more to society and the customers. Boldness Sophistication & Simplicity Season Coordinated Colours Patterns Style & Size Intricate Detail Overall, Mango fashion has influenced Australian day high street by the different techniques and wide variety of styles shown, including the intricate detail used on every item of clothing.
This is an influence as it would have encouraged big brands to make similar products and advertisement them too. How has it influenced Modern
Day High Street? Amanico Ortega and Rosalia Mera founded Zara in 1975. It is one of the world’s most popular fashion labels which launches around 10,000 new designs each year. A reason as to why Zara is loved so much is that if offers high fashion for low costs. It has influenced Australian fashion very strongly. Fashion in Australia has never been an aspect that Australia is known for and is often known for their classic tendency to wear shorts and a singlet. Zara and other European stores have helped shape what we can call Australia’s fashion industry and high streets. Zara introduced a classy way of dressing using conservative clothes, bold colours and daring accessories. Zara is a shop available in multiple places all over Spain, England and Australia. This is an aspect that Australia has adapted well to and seems to be opening more and more shops as the European style continues to develop here in Australia and grow.
Zaras shops have been popular ever since opening day. New stock always sells out very fast! Zara is loved by people who live in the USA, Europe and also by the us, the Australians, and have recently opened up 6 shops, 2 of which are in Sydney and have been a success.

Zara has influenced Australia in many ways, these ways include:
- fast changing advertisements
- rapid raise in number of stores
- its boldness and individuality
- the fact that it changes its style very often Background Influences Zara changes it advertisements from every day to every week, this persuades people to visit their stores to see their new styles.They also only show part of the new design feature in the ad so that if people want to know more about it, they will either have to visit a store or their website.

Zara opens a new store every few months, and does in lots of different states all over the world.A rapid increase of stores tricks people into thinking that there closest store might be having sales, so they rush into the store to experience any new changes.

Mainly because of Zara's weekly changing styles and designs, it has come to be one of the worlds most individual stores. Their styles are also world known for their boldness, bright colours and patterns.Australia has taken this into count and opened a large number of Zara stores in the main cities.
They have also changed our modern day high street because they have very bold and daring colours and they have created very unique jewelery.

Very often Zara takes very big risks by changing their main clothing styles.Sometimes they get very worried that their new designs aren't going to be as popular as past designs that they've had.
For example, Zara changes it's style occurring to the fashion in Spain. The styles also change each season introducing new designs and color schemes. For example it was recently the trend to have bright solid colors but now its changed to a neutral pallet. Fast Changing Advertisements Rapid Change in Number
of Stores Its Boldness & Individuality Often Changing Styles ZARA Overall Zara has influenced Australia because of its vastly changing designs and patterns and because of its advertising techniques.In the last 2 years, Zara has opened 3 new stores in Australia and every time they continue to impress the fashion industry of Australia. How has it Influences Our Modern
Day High Street? This is just one example of each, Zara & Mango's advertising techniques.
As you can see in these videos it shows the different items of clothing in the environment that they were made to be in. Zara's Advertisement Mango's Advertisement Advertisements http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mango 26/2/13
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