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Computer Applications Final Exam

Bree Robinson Period 4 Comp. Apps

Bree Robinson

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Computer Applications Final Exam

Computer applications final exam All about me Bree I'm one of kids But im the youngest My favorites are... the number nine raspberries taco bell summer the color pink & math I like figuring out things that are complex like computers So, even though this class wasn't difficult; it was fun. Best end product By far, my best end product was my technology prezi. I feel that this is the
project that best shows my capability of making a presentation that is not only informative, but entertaining as well. I was able to integrate photos, videos, and words to get my point across and in essence, advertise the blackberry curve smartphone. Most Frustrating My most frustrating project was the website! With all of the research we
had to do, it drove me nuts. I really don't like researching so that was why
it was frustrating for me. The actual website turned out pretty well in my
opinion, but I would definitely not want to do it again. To me, it felt like using
visuals to write an essay. The end product was well worth it in the end though! To minimize my frustration I: Tried to decorate my website as much as possible
Used more opinions than facts
Found cool pictures
sucked it up and did it anyway. : ) Most useful skills The most useful skills I acquired in computer apps were my search
skills! When I thought of searching something on google, I knew I
would probably find whatever I was looking for; but it never occured
to me some of the programs and websites that are out there. I figured
[for example] if I wanted to use picture editing, that I would have to buy
the software. However, if you search hard enough, there are tons of
resources! My searching skills will defintely help my in the future, both
in and out of school. I have already this year noticed a big difference
in the quality of my projects because of the programs I have found in
computer apps. This knowledge has made me more confident in the work I am capable of, and makes planning for a project SO much easier!
New applications A new application that I had never heard of or used
is PREZI! I have used this site for many other projects
already this year. I think that prezi is so much more
intresting than a boring, old PowerPoint. I have found
that it works great for trying to advertise something.
Like in biology a couple of weeks ago, I used prezi
to advertise adoption in the united states, just like my
technology prezi, it was a success. I put my best effort into the web 2.0 project.
For this project I did a powerpoint on the
website www.pixlr.com [a picture editing site].
I enjoyed doing this project, so I think that's why
I put so much effort into it. It is basically a tutorial
and then some examples of edited photos using
pixlr. Here I have some slides from my powerpoint.
Otherwise notable What I found the most FUN! Definitely photoshop!
Making the "Mr. Potato Head" was really fun to do.
I had never used photoshop until then and had no
idea about all the intresting things you can do to a
picture. Not only can you edit images, but you can
create images as well. Here, I have some examples
of images I made using photoshop; including my
potato head, "Mr. BananaBoots". Thanks for a great semester, Mrs. Perriello.
: )
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