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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and her life, and how she is a role model

Selsey Osugtin

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga We chose Lady Gaga as our person to research because she does things her own way, and she has a very kind soul, and she has given to many charities. She is unique and a great role model to be independent. Importance of Lady Gaga Charity Lady Gaga's
Music Lady Gaga's Life What we know about Lady Gaga... Sources We know that... Her real name is
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta She has her own unique style Lady Gaga's dad and moms names are
Cynthia and Joe Germanotta. By Sophie Young & Sakura Osuga Lady Gaga was born
on March 28, 1986 Lady gaga was 2011 most charitable star Lady Gaga has a charity called
Born This Way Her charity, was founded in 2011. The charity is to help build a better community with young people, and helps them with by teaching them skills to help them make better world. The three main parts of Lady Gaga's charity are safety, skill and opportunity. Lady Gay is for gay and lesbian people.
She speaks out for them. What Lady Gaga does for charity Lady Gaga made a
Japan Prayer Bracelet Lady Gaga has donated to
8 different charities and done many performances for charity In just one day Lady Gaga was able to raise $500,000 for Haiti Lady Gaga's Life From 2005-07 Lady Gaga experimented different things and had multiple different groups/people that she sang with Lady Gaga signed with a record label and
from 2008-09 she got nominated for the grammys
and got a few hit songs Lady Gaga is now a huge
success and even has started
her own charity Lady Gaga at her launch of
her charity Lady Gaga shirt for Haiti bornthiswayfoundation.org
images.google.com The first song Lady Gaga released was "Just Dance" Lady Gaga is the 4th best selling digital artist of all time in the U.S. with a total digital sale of 42,078,000 and counting. The most best selling song she released was "Bad Romance" until she released her hit single "Born This Way". It beat Bad Romance in just 20 hours after it was set to sell on iTunes. The newest alum she is working on is called ARTPOP and is still in the making. Whats your favorite song by Lady Gaga? Some of her crazy outfits
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