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The Island By: Gary Paulsen

book report over The Island

Grant Klashinsky

on 4 November 2011

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Transcript of The Island By: Gary Paulsen

The Island
By:Gary Paulsen Setting:
The setting of The Island is the summer, Will's house in Wisconsin,
and the island. Type of conflict:
Human Vs. human, Will's parents wanting him off the island but Will wanting to stay.
Human Vs. self, Will trying to decide if he should stay or go. Characters:

Antaganist: What does the protaganist learn and how does he change:
He changes by being more hungry for information about nature. He learns all sorts of things about nature like what fish do, and how they do it.
what idea is the writer trying to emphasize:
That sometimes being far apart from your parents can bring you closer to them. Climax and how it might be resolved:
Will finds his dad spying on him. He asks his dad if he could write about him. I think this means his parents are allowing him to stay. Will: he is a person who stops to smell the roses. Will's parents: His dad is always looking for a new way to make money and his mom is caring.
climax Theme: What is the authers message?
Even if you are away from your family for a long time they will never stop loving you.
Important ideas in text shown by title:
The island is an important idea because he is isolated, like an island, and he can escape from life for a while.
What protaganist says and does:
Will says that he wants to learn more about nature/the island. He goes to the island and learns how to live with nature.
"it's just that I am learning"- Will Newton pg 129 What does this tell us:
That he is determinded and curius about nature. what is the authers point of view about this type of problem:
The auther thinks that learning is a good so he thinks he should stay.
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