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Black Holes

"Till The End Of Time"

kiran burge

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Black Holes

Black holes By:
Kiran Burge and
Leif Coopman Congratulations! you are in a black hole and alive! Even though you are alive, nothing can actually survive
a black hole! Light can't even escape from the pull of a black hole! So how are black holes made? Black holes are formed from a star with the mass 3 Times our sun, reach the end point of their life. Or when they run out of fuel. The star then gets crushed under its own gravity and keeps collapsing until all the mass is

concentrated in a tiny space, this is the creation of a black hole. Now the black hole is ready to eat, obtain, devour, and destroy anything and everything that comes even close to it. The star (now a black hole) has an infinite density because it keeps crushing down on its self

Infinite density: What that really means is that the theory of relativity breaks down at this point, and no one knows what happens at the center of a black hole. No one really knows what is at the center of a black hole because if you go in you will not survive. The theory is that when you enter a black hole it rips and pulls you apart making you almost like spaghetti. Therefore we cannot send cameras into a black hole, which means we can not learn what happens to things when they go into a black hole. Black holes are not empty, it has a lot of mass material that has been sucked in and stuffed in a small space. what is inside a black hole? Can anything get out of a black hole? yes,

some particles can get out of a black hole. Protons and neutrons cans sometimes escape from the wrath of the barriers of the black hole. You can not see black holes with a normal telescope, but their are some telescopes that scientists use to see black holes. Thank you for watching!
:) how big are black holes? The largest black hole is about ten times the size of our solar system. It was discovered December 5 2011. There is no average for size of black holes, because they all depend on how they are formed. Most every black hole has about the mass of 30-50 billion suns. scientists believe that their is a giant black hole in the center of the milkyway! they call it Sagittarius A* and they believe it is 10X the size of our solar system. Black holes are one of the biggest mystery in the world
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