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Rene Martinez

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Halfway House Remodeling Project
The Halfway House is a non-profit organization that has been helping individuals recover from drug and alcohol abuse since 1970. Due to the number of inhabitants increasing, the building has begun to exceed city regulations. In order to keep the municipal from citing our facility we have decided to expand our cafeteria and rooms, with a little help of investments and community helpers.
The Physical
In the past three years, the house has begun to multiply by 30% and our small facility is close to exceeding Municipal operating regulations. If we get more citations, we might be closed down by the city.
In order to keep the facility under city regulations we are looking in adding approximately fifteen more rooms to the institution and expanding our cafeteria by 30%.
Because this institution is non-profit, we, the interns, had to find possible private investors. Under the appendix, lies the letter addressed to CEO, Mr. Emiliano Hunt about possible funding.
The Emotional
Mr. Diego Sol, the Halfway House current-counselor, proposed a new plan for the cafeteria remodeling because the previous one would relocate his current office.
This new proposed plan will expand the cafeteria from the eastern side, rather than the western. It will reconstruct the current bathrooms and janitorial room.
Already approved by Halfway House president Dr. Henry Omega, it will require $7,000 dollars more to the investment that Mr. Hunt had already committed to.
The Circumstantial
As interns, we were instructed to create a precise budget for the expansion of the cafeteria and the new cellblock to find the most practical appliances that will be robust through the years to come.
We compared prices and negotiated deals with some of the companies.
In order to expand our facility, the Halfway House needs an investment of $27,654.
If all repairs go with the schedule provided by the contractor, the project should be finished by 77 days.
These are the current issues that the Halfway House Remodeling Project has had to work on, the physical, emotional and circumstantial. The $27,654 investment comes from Mr. Hunt. The project will take up to 77 days to finish. And, the construction will begin from the east side of the current-cafeteria. Nevertheless, this project is for the better recovering process that our clients can get.
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