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Transit of Venus

Anticipating the 2012 transit of Venus. Shows historical timeline, with highlights from each century's observed transits. Details at

C. Bueter

on 30 October 2011

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Transcript of Transit of Venus

1639 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 2100 1631 1769 1761 1874 1882 2012 2004 2125 2117 (8 years) (8 years) (8 years) (8 years) (8 years) 1609 1600 1639 1716 1619 Kepler's Third Law A Cosmic Measuring Stick! The Future of Transits Transit of Venus It's value began with a new tool... The telescope
turns everything
upside down. 1609 An elegant spectacle
that intrigues the world. "Black Drop"
Effect ? 2012 Be safe.

Enjoy the spectacle. Protect your eyes. NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory Phone App 1619 Global Expeditions Black Drop Effect Father Hell David Rittenhouse Transit of Venus group in December of 1882 at Jimbour Station, Queensland. University of Queensland, Hume Photograph Collection. Used with permission. The 8-Year Pair Edmund Halley proposes international expeditions
can quantify the distance to the sun... timing the duration of the transit of Venus
as seen from around the world. Math at Work! Two widely separated observers will witness
two distinct chords (by timing) across the sun. 2004 2012
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