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Thesis Statements

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Heather Moschetta

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Thesis Statements

Thesis Statements Intro Activity/Warmup How to Generate a
Thesis Statement How to Tell a Strong Thesis Statement from a Weak One How to Tell a Strong Thesis Statement from a Weak One How to Tell a Strong Thesis Statement from a Weak One How to Tell a Strong Thesis Statement from a Weak One Discuss with a partner
Designate one recorder 1. Review the essay prompt 1. A strong thesis statement takes some sort of stand. 2. A strong thesis statement justifies discussion. 3. A strong thesis statement expresses one main idea. 4. A strong thesis statement is specific. With your partner, read the sample essay topics and introductions.
Underline the thesis in each introduction.
Discuss whether each is a strong or a weak thesis. If it is weak, how would you strengthen it? What is a thesis statement? What is its purpose?
How does a thesis statement help the writer?
How does a thesis statement help the reader?
Where in the essay should the thesis statement go?
How long should a thesis statement be? 2. Narrow the prompt down to a specific question and answer that question in one or two sentences 3. Determine your purpose - the reason you are writing. For example:
express ideas
persuade, etc. 4. Using the answer to your question, write a function state-ment (which you will erase later):
"This essay will _______ (prove, explain, discuss, etc. - depending on your purpose) that..." 5. Complete the sentence. Erase the function statement and what is left is your thesis 6. Revise as necessary to make your thesis stronger:
Use specific language
Make an assertion based on clearly stated support
Justify discussion EXAMPLE:
Because half of all American elementary school children consume nine times the recommended daily allowance of sugar, schools should be required to replace the beverages in soda machines with healthy alternatives. There are some negative and positive aspects to the Banana Herb Tea Supplement. Because Banana Herb Tea Supplement promotes rapid weight loss that results in the loss of muscle and lean body mass, it poses a potential danger to customers. This is a weak thesis statement. First, it fails to take a stand. Second, the phrase "negative and positive aspects" is vague. This is a strong thesis because it takes a stand, and because it is specific. My family is an extended family. This is a weak thesis because it merely states an observation. Your reader won’t be able to tell the point of the statement and will probably stop reading. While most American families would view consanguineal marriage as a threat to the nuclear family structure, many Iranian families, like my own, believe that these marriages help reinforce kinship ties in an extended family. This is a strong thesis because it shows how the writer's experience contradicts a widely-accepted view. A good strategy for creating a strong thesis is to show that the topic is controversial. Readers will be interested in reading the rest of the essay to see how you support your point. Companies need to exploit the marketing potential of the Internet, and Web pages can provide both advertising and customer support. This is a weak thesis statement because the reader can’t decide whether the paper is about marketing on the Internet or Web pages. To revise the thesis, the relationship between the two ideas needs to become more clear. Because the Internet is filled with tremendous marketing potential, companies should exploit this potential by using Web pages that offer both advertising and customer support. This is a strong thesis because it shows that the two ideas are related. Hint: many clear and engaging thesis statements contain words like because, since, so, although, unless, and however. World hunger has many causes and effects. Hunger persists in Glandelinia because jobs are scarce and farming in the infertile soil is rarely profitable. This is a weak thesis statement for two major reasons. First, world hunger can’t be discussed thoroughly in seven to ten pages. Second, "many causes and effects" is vague. Your thesis should identify specific causes and effects. This is a strong thesis statement because it narrows the subject to a more specific and manageable topic, and it also identifies the specific causes for the existence of hunger. Find the Thesis Closure:
Putting it all together: Use all information in this lesson to write a thesis for the following prompt:
In the upcoming presidential election, which candidate do you support? Include specific examples from the candidate’s campaign that lead you to your decision. Revisit Your Thesis Review the thesis statement you wrote for the Middle Ages essay. Revise your thesis based on the information presented today. Essay prompts:

The Hundred Years' War, while it accomplished no major military gains, was very significant to the development of modern Europe; in fact, some believe that it was a major stimulus to wrenching Europe out of the Middle Ages. Support these claims, citing some of the results of the conflict.

The Crusades were a peculiar chapter in the history of western Christendom. In your estimation, analyzing the results, was the conflict more positive or more negative to the development of Europe?

HELP!!! The Black Death has struck Europe. "Oh the Humanity!" Explain how the disease brought about major changes to Europe. (If you choose to write about this, cough on the person next to you.)
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