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ePortfolio Reflection Presentantion

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Paqui Prieto Vila

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of ePortfolio Reflection Presentantion

Although I really liked the apps I've learnt in this section, this is, in my opinion, the least likely to carry out at school. "Thinglink" and "Magisto" offer many possibilities as resources in the school but in their web version. The mobile phone at school is a bit risky and implies a lot of commitment from all the educational community.
Video Storytelling
Sharing Stories Through Comics
Digital Literacy and Citizenship
Collaborative Storytelling
ePortfolio Reflection Presentantion
The key idea of this module is to teach our students to keep their privacy safe when working online.

I want my students to think about their personal information and who and how they want to share it with.

In order to protect our students' identity we can encourage them to
create an avatar

There are many avatars creator, a different one according with our students' age
We can improve the reading and writing skills of our learners by using web tools to create comics
And comics can be a great instrument to develop grammatical structures with our students
We can find a great number of webtools to create
our comics
A great way to motivate learners is telling stories through video or allow them to create their own videos.
Windows movie maker is a wonderful software, very easy to use and the Internet is not necessary. It's very
intuitive, students can express their emotions and teachers can educate in a very different way.
This is the
module I enjoyed the most because it was great the collaboration and participation of all the peers. Spread your work through twitter and see how people that you don't know are pleased to work with you it's quite motivating, not only for me, but also for my students, and make you to do your best.

Storytelling with Mobile Devices
And in this module I discovered my favorite tool, PREZI, an awesome tool for making amazing presentations.

Mobile Learning Lesson Plan:
Evaluating web based apps
I can card
All the activities we've done during this seminar are collected in my e-Portfolio in
Throughout this course we've learnt a great number of tools and apps that are very useful for teaching a foreign language, but also to develop new ways to motivate our students making the education more attractive with engaging presentations, collaborative activities and encouraging them to be involved with their own education.
It was a pleasure to work with all of you
Please, meet me at:

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