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AIM Corporation

No description

Ahmed Elmogy

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of AIM Corporation

Election platform
AIM Corporation
Team Technical Structure
the slogan of this period in AIM will be

The purpose of AIM team in the college
But what are the reasons for the existence of Aim team in the college ?

The answer is simply to gather people around the resala and train them improve their skills to be able to hold the resala
Right now we are a group of college
students making some projects

to fulfill the purpose of the team the following things need to be done :

the main focus will on the team members
improving their abilities ,enhancing there skills

concentrating on these three sectors
( HR - Training - Media )

the members of these three sectors will have special training to be skilled enough to help the team members to optimize there abilities

making a file for every single member
that contains
mostly every thing about the member that will help the sector to guide him to decide his speciality

evaluating the members will be indvidually
and weekly

we will seek to enroll a member whose career is web and media marketing

make the best use of the website
for gathering more followers to the team

making a committee its rule to observe the work of the different team branchs and make training programs according to it's results
Periodically improve future aim training as an essential matter in the team

Work with other leaders of AIM entities to develop a Constitution for the whole AIM Foundation to ensure AIM full harmony between AIM organizations each other and its members
And to ensure that its all members receive their full rights

reconstructing the 3 sectors i mentioned earlier to cope with the new technical structure

observe future aim 4 members during and after their training program to make sure they blind in the team smothly
AIM 15 years journey
Progress goals
In three years every aimawy will be specialized in his career and he will be one of the best in all egyption universities

our Follower base will be widened to include followers from all over egypt
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