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TECHDUCATE Business Plan Presentation

Five minute business plan pitch for T565 Enterprenuership in Educational Marketplaces Harvard Graduate School of Education course

Irina Uk

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of TECHDUCATE Business Plan Presentation

engaged students blended learning professional development for high school math educators Problem: Approach: Administrator Support Professional Development Professional Network Transforming Math Education in Suburban Chicago Irina Uk irina_uk@mail.harvard.edu
http://www.aup.somee.com/aup/ High school math teachers cannot meet the needs of all their students. AUP writing or revision

PD on tech tools for

Data collection and PD
assessment Set objectives

Introduce tools

Model blended class Guided multimedia creation
jam sessions:

Subject specific
Interdisciplinary Team planning session:

Unit plans
Lesson plans Classroom observations Team lesson study Personalized coaching Online community:
Lesson aggregate
PD videos
Quarterly newsletter For math department
or teaching teams "Many weeks consisted of a lecture on one day and group stations on another day to put things into perspective. As stated above, this was indeed a helpful way of learning... at the end of the day, I believe my view of math expanded in a positive way. My view on word problems took a slight turn for the best. At some points, I was more open to tackling word problems." "The stations were the best, this helped me achieve because math was the highest score I got on my ACT. This changed my attitude towards math and learning because I learned there are different techniques" 92% of math teachers agreed that there is a wide range of abilities in their classes

84% of math teachers agreed that differentiated instruction was critical to students success

68% of math teachers reported lacking knowledge, tools, and support to differentiate effectively *Reference: Ellie, D.K., Ellis, K.A., Huemann, J.A., Stolarik, E.A. (2007). Improving Mathematics Skills Using Differentiated Instruction with Primary and High School Students. An Action Research Project Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the School of Education in Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirement for the Degree of Master of Arts in Teaching and Leadership Saint Xavier University & Pearson Achievement Solutions, Inc. Chicago, Illinois. Cook county (non-Chicago) high schools: 8% purchasing power

76 high school with about 1,320 math teachers
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