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7.4 Patterns in Doubles and Halves.


Jachie Pohl

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of 7.4 Patterns in Doubles and Halves.

7.4 Patterns In Doubles and Halves Jan 31 2013 Wubbles are very well-behaved, and they brush their teeth regularly. You would like to play with one-for a short time. The trouble with Wubbles is that they double. When Wubbles go to sleep, they double and wake up twins!

Suppose your mother let you invite a friend to spend spring vacation at your house. You invite your friend, who is a Wubble. After school on Friday, you and the Woubble go home to play, eat dinner, play some more, and go to bed.

Sometime during the night, while you were sleeping, there is a slight POP! and the Wubble splits into two Wubbles! Open your math Journal to page 170.

Doubling and Halving with The Wobbles On Friday there was 1 Wubble!

Saturday morning there were 2 Wubbles. You're a little worried because your mother said you could only have one friend for the week. So the Wubbles take turns playing with you while one hides in your room.

That night both woubbles go to sleep. You are very curious, so you stay awake and, sure enough, just before sunrise early Sunday morning, you hear a POP! Then you hear another POP! Now there are 4 Wubbles in your room! There you are with a room full of Wubbles. So far, your mother hasn't seen all of them, and you have to find a way to get them out of the house before she discovers them. One of the Wubbles asks you why you look worried. You explain that you're supposed to have only ONE friend visiting.

The Wubbles laugh and tell you that there is an easy solution. It says, " If you blink with half of your eyes, half of us will disappear." This sounds like a riddle. What does it mean to "Blink with half of your eyes?" You think awhile, and then your wink. Sure enough, a whole lot of Wubbles disappear.

* Now try to halve the Wubbles. Use the worksheet to track your Wubbles Math Boxes 7.4 Mental Math and Reflexes The Wubbles Math Journal Math Message Follow Up When it comes to numbers what
do the following words mean?
Halving ?=9+3+11
8+12+9=? ?=9+3+11+17
?=12+13+17+8 25+4+16+15=?
33+25+25+17=? Answers 23


100 Math Message Fill in the chart with the proper double number. In Out

12 Home Link 7.3 Follow up Please get your Home Link packet out. Lets go over some of the problems from last night. What to do? What to do? You decide to hide the Wubble and again have them take turns coming out to play. You are very worried, though. If things keep going like this, you will have a lot of Wubbles to hide by the end of vacation. You decide not to panic but to figure out how many wubbles will be in your room by next Friday.

How many Wubbles will there be on Friday? Use the worksheet to track your Wubbles. Turn to page 171 in your Math Journal and complete the page. HOMEWORK!!! Home Link 7.4
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