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Comparison & Contrast

No description

Jennifer Marquardt

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Comparison & Contrast

Examine the way things are similar.

Apples and oranges are both similar in that they
are fruits
have peels
are round
taste sweet
Block Arrangement
Examine the way in which things are different.

Apples are red while oranges are, um, orange.
Further, the skin of the apple is thin and edible while the rind of the orange is thicker and often removed.
Oranges are more nutritious than apples.
Apples taste better than oranges.
Comparison & Contrast
We use comparison and contrast thinking to make decisions or to examine the nature of an object.

which business move is most profitable
which bad situation is least harmful
what is the nature of X or Y
I. Introduction
II. Physical Properties
a. Apples
b. Oranges
II. Nutritional Value
a. Apples
b. Oranges
III. Convenience
a. Apples
b. Oranges
IV. Acknowledgement/Concessions
V. Conclusion
I. Introduction
II. Apples
a. physical properties
b. taste
c. nutritional value
III. Oranges
a. physical properties
b. taste
c. nutritional value
IV. Acknowledgement/Concession
IV. Conclusion
Decide/Determine the Nature of...
Which is the best choice?

Example: Oranges are better than apples.
Writing/ Organizing
Point-by-Point or
Alternating Arrangement

write about eating an apple in one paragraph and eating an orange in the next

discuss a particular point about eating apples and then immediately discuss the same point about eating oranges
Acknowledgement/ Concession
acknowledges that other counter-arguments exist, but remarks how those arguments are flawed

Example: While apples are delicious, oranges are clearly the more appealing and nutritional and enjoyable fruit.
Block Style
Summary of the evidence presented
Restatement of the thesis
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