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What is Art?

No description

Eric Anderson

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of What is Art?

Art and Creativity
Why make Art?
Your Impressions
Janet Echelman, Her Secret Is Patience. 2009
Art Appreciation
What do I know about art?
Purpose and Functions
Awareness and perception
How does it relate to Phoenix?
How does it harmonize with the forces of nature?
How do materials, size, and scale matter?
Would the work be as powerful at a different scale?
Color and expression?

What gives creations Worth?
Art for the day to day
worship and Ritual
Personal Expression
Social Causes
Visual Delight
Good Design?
What makes these objects different then other cups or dolls?
Purpose and Functions
The Nature of Art?
Rembrandt van Rijn
Beatrice Wood
what do these objects make you think of or make you feel?
Stephen Cox
New mac pro
Lauren Greenfield
Yong Soon Min
Romare Bearden
How does his work express personal insight?

Francisco Goya
How else is art used to influence public opinion?
"I need the public to complete the work."
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
What thoughts and feelings does this work evoke for you?
Miriam Schapiro
Michel James
What is Creativity?
What need do we have as humans to create not only objects but visually interesting objects?
Humans are Unique creatures in many ways.
Think abstractly
Use the creative process
Think visually
Use perceptual and memory constructions to fabricate understanding
(We Imagine)


Trained vs. Untrained

Nuestro Pueblo "Watts Towers" Simon Rodia
All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ”
-Pablo Picasso
What is Art?
- Art is -
Art and Value

Art is extension of human experience.
Art is all around us – in many different forms and values.
Art and Aesthetic based objects are uniquely human.

Art is a human experience
The material an art object is created with.


Non Traditional
New Traditional
Art reflex Culture
Philip Guston
Diego Rivera
Pablo Picasso
Global Awareness
1. Associating
2. Questioning
3. Observing
4. Networking
5. Experimenting
Skills for the 21st Century
Compare and Contrast
Art and Reality
Which is Which?
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