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Better Minecraft Prezi

A more extensive coverage of Minecraft.

Rhys Goode

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Better Minecraft Prezi

Minecraft Slightly More In Depth By Rhys Goode As in my basic presentation I will go over the common blocks again. They are the dirt, stone, gravel, tree trunk and sand blocks. Stone, tree trunk and dirt gravity does not apply to, but gravity applies to sand and gravel. Common Blocks Ores are minerals and riches that can be used for crafting or for decoration. Depending on the associated value in the game they occur at different frequencies and depths in the Minecraft world. Zoom to continue observing the ores of Minecraft. Ores Pt 2 Tools Two liquids currently exist in Minecraft. They are both self explanatory lava you can NOT swim and burns you if you try to. Water you can swim in but yo can drown if you are underneath it too long. Liquids Ores Gold is a mineral found deep underground in Minecraft. Gold has a small glint when you see it and it can be mined with an iron pickaxe and smelted for crafting purposes. Gold Coal is the most frequently occuring ore that you can come across in Minecraft. Coal is used mainly as a fuel to cook/smelt items in a furnace. Coal Emeralds have only been recently been added to Minecraft. Their main use is as an in game currency, used to trade with NPCs (non-playable characters) for other items. Emeralds Redstone is the "electronics" of Minecraft. when activated by power sources like buttons or levers. To run redstone "wires" over distances you need redstone repeaters. Redstone Lapis Lazuli is a purely cosmetic mineral in minecraft. It is used as a dye to mix with other dies or by itself. Lapis Lazuli Iron is one of the most important ores in Minecraft. This ore when smelted and used in crafting can be made into quality tools. Iron Diamonds are the rarest ore that you can find in Minecraft. They make tools, jukeboxes and armour. When diamonds are used to craft armour and tools, both are of the best wear rate. Diamonds The End Thanks For Viewing My Prezi Smelting For some ores you need to smelt them to make them useable crafting ingredient. Ores that need to be smelted are iron and gold. This file (or parts of it) is copyrighted by Mojang AB
This file is either a screenshot of Minecraft or derivative of copyrighted Mojang artwork and content. As such, it does not fall under the Prezi.com Terms of Service but is freely usable online. Tools are used for mining different blocks in Minecraft or for slf defence againt hostile mobs (characters).
Pickaxe Mines harder blocks efficeintly.
Axe Cuts wooden based blocks more efficeintly.
Sword Hit mobs harder.
Hoe Creates farmland for crops to grow on
Shovel Dig granual based blocks more efficeintly.
Bow Fires long distance arrows to kill mobs at range.
Flint & Steel Lights a fire.
Shears Used to shear leaves, sheep and to cut trip wire.
Fishing Rod Used to cath fish in water
Bucket Enables you to carry water and lava around. How to survive your first night in Minecraft. Don't have to watch but covers smelting.
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