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Do you want your life to be better?

No description

Harrison Moran

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Do you want your life to be better?

Do you want your life to be better?
Are you constantly
for school?
Do you have trouble waking up in the morning
to go to the establishment that gives you the common knowledge to be successful in life?
Is it difficult to get out of bed
in the morning because you're too comfortable or tired?
Are you too tired too dress yourself or eat breakfast
in the morning before school?
These problems can all be solved if you just
purchase this service!

It will take the stresses of the dreaded morning routine and throw them out of the window!
The service is easily affordable!
guaranteed to work!
If you're not satisfied with the service,
it is not a 100% guarantee that you will
get your money back

What the
can do!
The Person-AL Alarm Clock Service can wake you up
It can dress you if you're too tired to do so
Breakfast will be served if you're not up to making it yourself
The main goal is to get you to school on time and the Person-AL Alarm Clock Service will do everything it can to reach that goal
Waking up for work is also involved in the service as well!
"Service of the Year!"
TIME Magazine

The Person-AL
Clock Service!
"It's great!"-
Tony the Tiger
"The Person-AL Alarm Clock Service is awesome and should be used by the American people!"-
Barack Obama (AKA POTUS)
"I want you to get the Person-AL Alarm Clock Service"-Uncle
Buy the Person-AL Alarm Clock Service Today!
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