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The Giver

No description

Kadon Laumbach

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of The Giver

The Giver
Jonas- main character
Lily- Jonas' little sister
The Giver- receiver of memories
Asher- Jonas' best friend
Mom- Jonas' mom
Dad- Jonas' dad
Gabe- baby Jonas' family is taking care of
Fiona- Jonas' friend
Chief Elder- the one that assign's everyone there job

Important Events
Ceremony of Twelve
The Ceremony of Twelve is important because it is when all of the twelves get their assignments, or jobs, that they will have for the rest of their life. At the ceremony of the twelve, Jonas was assigned his job as the Receiver of Memory.
By: Meri Dunford, Zander Beard,
Kadon Laumbach, and Yuliya

Movie Trailer
Jonas lives in a perfect community without conflict or disaster, where everyone is happy, until he is chosen to be the next receiver of memory. Jonas receives memories from The Giver, their job is to hold memories so that they will not disrupt the peace of the community. But Jonas learns more about the past from the memories and The Giver. Jonas and The Giver come up with a plan to change the community by giving them the memories, but the community will resist change, and Jonas and The Giver will have to put their lives at risk to do it.
Never Give Up
Jonas went on his long and hard journey and wanted to give up and stop many times. But, he kept going because he knew he needed to complete his journey so that he could save the community from there lack of knowledge.

We try to make everything perfect like it is in The Giver.
Daily Life
The people in the book go to school or work, come home and play or do other things that we do in our lives.
The children and teenagers go to school like we do.
The characters in the book have friends that they are close to like we are in real life.

I would recommend reading this book because it made me think about topics that I haven't thought much about such as having strong feelings or being able to learn about the past.The Giver also was had suspenseful moments that made you want to keep reading. Overall, The Giver was a really good book and I recommend reading it.
1) Chief Elder-"Jonas has been selected as receiver of memory"
This quote was important because it the receiver if memory was going to be Jonas' job for the rest of his life. When he received the job as the receiver of memory, Jonas started the next phase of his life.

2) The Giver rubbed Jonas' hunched shoulders. "And after we eat," he went on, "we'll make a plan.
Jonas and the Giver made a plan so that everybody could have and enjoy the memories that they possessed. The plan was dangerous and involved Jonas going on a journey alone.

Important Event
Jonas' Journey
Jonas and the Giver made a plan to release all the memories that they have so that everybody can have them. Jonas has to go on a long and hard journey release the memories.
The Giver
Written by : Lois Lowry

Other books written by Lois Lowry include:
Number the Stars
A Summer to Die
The Giver #1

Gathering Blue #2

Messenger #3

Son #4
Everything in the communities are controlled. People do not get to choose anything for themselves.
Nobody in the communities get to choose anything. They are assigned to everything. Examples: Families, spouse, jobs, etc.
No Families
There are no biological families. Children are born by women called birth mothers and then they are assigned parents.
No Memories
All the memories from the past are taken away from the people. They don't know anything about what happened before the communities were made.
Do What You Think Is Right
Jonas broke many of the community rules because the knowledge that he had helped him to realize that the rules were unfair and bad. Even though Jonas broke the community rules, he was following what he thought was the right thing to do.
Similarities With Other Books
1) In the future
A lot of books are set in the future. Ex: Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner
2) Everything is controlled
In books such as Divergent, everything is controlled and you have to do things without another option.
3) Heroes Journey
At the end of The Giver, Jonas went on a journey to help people and a heroes journey as occurred in many stories for a long time.
1) Who wrote The Giver?

2) What was one theme that was in The Giver?

3) What was an important event in The Giver?

4) What is one thing that is different from our lives than the lives of the people in The Giver?

5) How many sequels are there to The Giver?
In the assembly Jonas gets skipped when they are assigning jobs
Sometimes I get skipped at school, or at home
Jonas felt ashamed and scared and confused of him self because he got skipped and thought he was unimportant
Sometimes I feel unimportant when I get skipped and scared or confused
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