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Map Skills

Learn new map skills from recognising symbols to reading grid references

Adam Bloomfield

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Map Skills

Make your way around the island to discover new skills and practise known skills.
A grid reference allows us to find a specific location on a map. Your first step is to work out four figure grid references.
You need to know where
you are on the map.
Contour lines are found on maps to show the height of the ground. Contour lines are the small brown lines you will find on an OS map. The lines join area of equal height.
Welcome to contour lines.
You need to use the link below to learn about how you measure distances on a map
Learning how to measure distances
on a map is a vital skill.
Map Symbols
Contour Lines
Do you know the difference between the symbol for a theme park and a telephone box?
Before you can complete any map
work you need to be able to
read the map symbols.
Test your knowledge by playing the quiz. Start off with easy and work your
way up to difficult. For each level
record your score in your book.
Click here to play the game
Click on the link below to learn how to use grid references.
You need to work on the four figure grid references and then work on answer these questions:
1) Which village is at 0531?
2) What are there two of in 0927?
3) What is at 9018?
After you have completed the work on the six figure grid references, try these question:
1) What is at 902177?
2) What is the six figure grid reference for the pub in Winchelsea?
3) what would you find at 889315?
You are now ready to move on
Click on the link below to find out more. Have a go at the exercises on the website.
Now try these questions, make sure you record your answers in your book.
1) How high is the ground at Chapel Bank (928296)?
2) If you walk from Appledore Heath (9530) to The Homestead (9530), would be walking up or down hill?
3) How high is the ground at the picnic area at 8134?
Grid References
Question time!
Using one of the methods which were outlined in the activity you need to answer the following questions.
1) Red: How far is it from Dungeness lighthouse to Lydd Church?
2) Blue: How far is it by road from the Marsh Academy to the phone box in Old Romney?
Green: Find two alternative routes from the Marsh Academy to the pub in St Mary in the Marsh? Write down the distances for the two.
LO: To learn and apply new map skills
Lesson Outcomes:
Red: To have completed the work on gird references
Blue: to have completed the work on grid references and the website exercise on contour lines
Green: To have completed the work on Grid reference and contour lines (including the questions).
Choose two locations on the map which are at least 5 km away from each other. Using compass directions write down a list of instructions to get your friend there via roads.
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