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Antarctica - Luke

No description

Luke D

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Antarctica - Luke

by Luke climate animals landscape Travel to Antarctica

The animals that live in Antarctica are penguins, seals, sea birds, whales, fish and krill.
The food chain begins with algae. Krill's eat algae. Whales, fish, sea birds penguins and seals feed on krill.
killer whales feed on leopard seals penguins and fish. Australia-Antarctica Airlink transports scientists, expeditioners and other people to Antarctica on the A319 Airbus for an intercontinental air flight to Casey base. You can also voyage south on a ship called an icebreaker. Most of the area around Antarctica is covered in snow and ice. During winter the sea ice extends around Antarctica making it seven times larger. In summer the sea ice melts returning Antarctica to its normal size. The landscape of
Antarctica is made up of ice and snow. Other features are: Glaciers which are rivers of ice. Crevaces - a crack or opening in the ice and, icebergs which are floating blocks of ice.
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