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No description

Tommy Zhang

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Lovin'Spoonful

Why Partner ‘Lovin’spoonful’?
In choosing Lovin’spoonful as its distribution partner, Cuisinart will immediately access a powerful network of suppliers and relationships - from manufacturing to merchandising - which covers distribution channels throughout New Zealand, Australia, China and South East Asia.

Avante has an outstanding portfolio of distribution partners
who we make sure receive the benefit of full brand, marketing and sales support for both product launch and
on-going market penetration.

We have developed critical strategic relationships with a team of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure a consistent supply of product to our channel partners, as well as
powerful network of high level, influential contacts that has been established over the past decade.

Our Business
Distribution Proposal
in New Zealand & Australia

As a natural extension of our current distribution we wish to establish a strong presence for the Lovin’spoonful soft serve yoghurt brand in New Zealand and Australia.

We see a great opportunity to get our product into households in a convenient format that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

We have the perfect product, but we need a partner to provide the machines. Cusinart is the perfect fit for Lovin’spoonful. We see a great partnership in supplying soft serve frozen yoghurt mix in domestic sizes to be compatible with the Cusinart Machine so consumers can make their very own soft serve yoghurt at home.

A&P New Zealand
Premium, frozen soft-serve yoghurt Lovin’spoonful frozen yogurt is not only wonderfully delicious but it also helps your body stay healthy. It’s low in calories and high in goodness with pre & pro-biotics, dietary fibre & calcium.

Made from 100% New Zealand dairy and the finest Italian fruit paste 98% fat free, low in sugar, high in dietary fibre & pro-biotics
Made from yoghurt cultures that are well known for their beneficial qualities & silky smooth taste
High dosages of pre- and probiotics which are clinically proven to support a healthy digestive and immune system
Extra calcium is added
High in extra dietary fibre. This pre-biotic helps enhance intestinal health
All natural ingredients
Lovin'spoonful Soft Serve
Competitor Landscape

Currently there is no one selling a ready to go soft serve frozen yoghurt. Machines require consumers to make their own mix at home.

Below are the retailers selling frozen yogurt, but none of them supply to household at the moment.

The New Zealand Operation

Media highlights:
Market Overview
Australia and New Zealand people make conscious attempts to eat healthy most of the time, highest percentage in the world.

And 84% of Australian think diet and nutrition to be very important in creating a felling of wellbeing or wellness
Next Steps
Our Current Model
Avante is a 100% New Zealand owned and
operated company based in Albany, Auckland.

We specialise in the formulation, delivery, and
marketing of world-leading dairy-based nutritional
products, proudly combining 50 years of heritage.

Avante today is New Zealand’s leading boutique
provider of premium quality Infant formulas and
nutritional products to China.

The Lovin’spoonful brand was successfully launched as a home-made probiotic yoghurt product in 2011. Sales have grown rapidly with the expansion of the brand into soft serve frozen yoghurt category, opening three franchise stores within China.
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