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Intro to Arma Mission Making

No description


on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Intro to Arma Mission Making

Intro to Arma

Mistakes to Avoid
Idea Development
Building Skills
How to Get Started

Common Mistakes
#1 Mistake: Grand Ideas!
and how to avoid them
"It's a trap!"
Many mission makers waste countless hours chasing a BIG DREAM idea. They get caught up in what is often a great idea, but it's just way beyond their ability to create. They get stuck, waste time, and lose interest.
#2 Mistake: Jump In!
SOLUTION: Start Small! Make your first missions very simple.
(It's a trap too!)
There's a big temptation to jump into the editor and start working. DON'T DO IT! It's better to spend a little time thinking through the mission first. More about this later.
SOLUTION: take a few minutes to write down some plans
On to the good stuff
Traps aside...
Idea Development
Write it out, simply
Where to start? Options...
The big picture
A core idea
A need you've seen
"Infantry platoon comes under attack at an isolated outpost and must hold out until support can arrive."
"Combined arms battalion must work together to assault enemy fixed positions and take control of location."
"Use of mortar teams to support infantry assault."
"Heavy armor clash in rolling hills."
"We need to practice convoy work with light and medium vehicles."
"We never make use of artillery."
"People are itching for more CQB missions"
I know you're a gamer, but...
Write it SOMEWHERE - why?
Keep it simple but clear
Visuals are good
A) it helps you be organized
B) so you don't forget!
Use: phone, iPad app, document, even paper! - whatever works
Skills and Levels
Key Skills to Learn, in order of importance
1. Basics of the editor: placing units; triggers; waypoints
2. Mid-level editor: init.sqf; description.ext, key scripts; reverse engineering
3. Advanced editor: using code in triggers; adding buildings, etc.
4. Basics of scripting: basic terms and syntax; using resources; using others' code
5. Advanced scripting: more on syntax, locality, etc.

Key resources to learn to use
BISwiki -
https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Main_Page - the main reference
search for "Arma tutorial" or add more detail, like "triggers" or "spawning"
use Lucky's tutorials (YouTube.com/gamemoddingvideos) on basics, spawning, etc.
Arma 3 Assets - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169226
BI Forum on editing - http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?93
Six Config Browser - http://browser.six-projects.net/cfg_weapons/classlist
A Whole Lot More - http://taw.net/wikis/arma/mission-making-resources.aspx

Start Simply - no grand plans
Plan It Out - think it through
Write Notes - you'll be glad later
Learn Skills
Use the resources (and don't be a pain)
Test, test, test!
One Big Note
People as resources
Be humble and grateful, but ask for help.
Remember that it's not anyone's job to help you.
This includes clan members, friends, and people on forums.
...And then
1. Ask "What will be cool about this mission?"
2. Develop a Plan
What scale (BN/PL/SQ)?
What objectives?
What assets?
What intel?
3. Goldilocks' porridge and challenge/difficulty
Just Right!
The Importance of Testing
"You don't know
'till you get players in it"
Useful Testing:
Start early - don't wait till you think it's all done
Make notes! - write down problems, concerns, questions
Getting In The Editor
1. Use the Mission Templates
delete what you don't need
can set settings in init.sqf and description.ext
2. Add a
, then test to make sure it's working.
Get that stuff working before going on.
3. Wash, Rinse, Repeat (keep adding elements and testing)
4. Once the basics work as hoped, get some people to play test
bookmark this stuff!
Arma Limitations in MP
How to ruin performance:
Too many
AI units
: 100 is a good maximum (at once)
Too many
(esp. vehicles) - just don't go nuts
Too many
- January 2014: about 30, max.
link to com back to this presentation
get the tab!
That said...
play in the sandbox!
try things!
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