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Strategic Human Resources and Robotics Management

'Talent, not capital, will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth.' World Economic Forum 05/2015 on the necessity for SHR(R)M.

Willem E.A.J. Scheepers

on 17 September 2016

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Transcript of Strategic Human Resources and Robotics Management

Willem E.A.J. Scheepers on
Strategic Human Resources and Robotics Management

The essence of Strategic Human Recources and Robotics Management (SHRRM)
'Talent, not capital, will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth.' World Economic Forum May 2015.

A focus on Strategic Human Resources Management helps organizations to prioritize Talent.

Questions you have to answer before you start with SHRRM
On Knowledge, Skills, Competences
Talent Management: Build, Borrow or Buy?;
Globalization a.o. Corporate Social Responsibility;
Lean In or Diversity (and: Equality);
Aging Workforce, Generation Management;
High Performance Working;
even 'No Management required!' => Self-managament;
and when times of "CRISIS" are over: Engagement!
Robotics & Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Then Came Robot......
SHRRM, you can't do without it!
Willem E.A.J. Scheepers MBA
author, tutor, Investors in People Practitioner and Edut®ainer @ VirtualBusinessConsultant.eu
It all starts with a
: where are we (a.k.a. our organization) heading? How does our Future look like?

The next question is: "Why are we on Earth?" What's our 'raison d'etre'? What doe we contribute? This is our

Then follows our
Strategic Plan
: the road we will take, the objective(s) we want to achieve.
"Dutch Treat".....
+31 (0)651 176 097
Then came Robotics.......
To succeed with our Strategic Plan, we will need:
The '
' side of the business,
to establish our Mission, to fulfill the core values of our company, to make the difference!

The '
' side of the business,
to establish our goals.
Knowledge is FREE! Now more then ever.
Big Data as your virtual memory.....
This is what you make of, or do with, your knowledge. (Remember Kolb)
V 2016.1
This is what makes
THE Difference
, now & in the future.

(Otherwise, you can best hire robots.....)
MOOC's e.g
There are:
competences related to the task, of which you can learn more;
competences related to you as a unique individual, such as: ethics, integrity, customer focus, even such a 'small thing' as sticking to an agreement. (no robot can beat this!)
In fact: this is what SHR(R)M is all about, this is Core!
Due to disruptive technologies (e.g. 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, Virtual as well as Augmented Reality) and swiftly increasing developments in technology such as Advanced Artificial Intelligence, robot will become an integral part of your Workforce: co-workers.
Perhaps even sooner then you think, so you might best get used to it.......
This might be a good moment to become a
Additional info on: http://willemscheeperss.wordpress.com
Additional info on http://www.managementpro.nl
1st Wave of SHRM:
“At War with Biology”
The Industrial Revolution
2nd Wave of SHRM:
3rd Wave of SHRM:
"analog => digital"
4th Wave of SHR(R)M starts Now:
"It gives employees the freedom to
make choices, it unlocks the People Power!"
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