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Recipe for an Epic Hero

No description

Laura Nix

on 24 July 2018

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Transcript of Recipe for an Epic Hero

How to Be (or create!) an Epic Hero
Step 1
Step 3
An epic hero is superhuman in some way.

The character is somehow braver, stronger, smarter, and/or cleverer than a normal person.
Step 5
Step 7
Epic heroes have characteristics which society admires and often wishes to emulate.
Step 2
The hero fights for a noble cause:
Either... a) for weaker characters who
cannot defend themselves
b) for the preservation of society
or c) for honor and the noble way
of life
Step 4
Epic heroes often have a mixture of both divine and human blood, which makes them susceptible to human weaknesses and flaws.
The epic hero is given a quest for something of value to himself or his people.
During the quest, the hero is repeatedly tested by obstacle and challenges to prove his worthiness.
Step 6
The hero's journey reaches a "low point", where he almost gives up his quest or appears defeated...

but then overcomes his obstacles, fights back, and completes his quest.
The hero finally regains his place in society... as a King, a warrior, or a champion, etc., and is able to enjoy his success.
Every good hero needs an epic villain!
To make an epic hit...
Recipe for a Hero
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